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  • Harry and Bernie Capies with granddaughter Natalie and great-granddaughters Acadia and Delaney.

Capies is resident of the month

A mother, a devout woman of faith and an incredible dancer — these are just a few of the titles held by Bernie Capies. This month she adds a new title to the mix as she is Clay County Care Center’s resident of the month.

At the age of 94, Bernie is known to be the life of the party. From a quick-witted joke to the spontaneous dance moves from her wheelchair, she is sure to make anyone around her smile.

Outside of her time spent as a housewife, Bernie worked at a manufacturing company. Once World War II broke out, the company switched gears to make parts for the war effort. While at work one day, a hose that funneled oil to the different moving parts of the machine burst, shooting oil onto her face. 

A man came forward, offering his handkerchief to wipe it off and that’s how Capies met her lifetime love, Harry Capies. 

Harry died about nine years ago, but there are many fond memories Bernie has to look back on from the 65 years she spent married to him.

As a married couple, Bernie and Harry would go out dancing together every Friday and Saturday and occasionally took in evenings at casinos in Atlantic City. Other past times of Bernie’s were knitting, crocheting, cooking and baking — but most important of all her qualities was her commitment to family and faith.

“She has always had a very deep faith. They both never missed going to mass together every day as long as they were able to and they passed on their faith to the family,” said Bernie’s daughter-in-law JoAnn Capies. 

Both Bernie and Harry would frequently do volunteer work together through their church as a means of giving back to the world around them.

“She was always good about keeping in touch with us and was always there for children’s birthdays,” said JoAnn. 

Bernie’s son, Jack Capies, fondly remembers the tradition of each year at the time of his and JoAnn’s anniversary that his parents would watch the kids for a weekend.

“It was so nice of them and it gave us a weekend away,” said Jack.

Through her selfless acts, her passion for living joyfully and the devotion to her family, the impact made by Bernie Capies spans far and wide. 

Her infectious spirit continues on to encourage residents and staff of the care center to find fun in the little things as well as the big.

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