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  • Progress photo by Becky Long
    Peyton Hunt enjoyed the pool last year with the Pathways Program.

Cash needed to save pool

Summer did not begin well for some Clay County children and families. The swimming pool at Chatuge Shores Golf Course is currently closed. Those looking forward to swimming at a public pool will have to go to Murphy, Blairsville or farther. Chatuge Shores pool is where hundreds or maybe thousands of children have learned to swim since the pool opened more than 40 years ago. Because of its age, the pool needs repairs to open this year. Chatuge Golf Course Manager Bill Rinaldo said chemicals had been bought to perform the initial pool shock and add the salt, but the pump blew when it was turned on. “It will cost three thousand dollars or more to get a new one because it is a huge pump,” he said. “The golf course is doing well now and we will pay for lifeguards and routine maintenance, but we can’t do the extra expense of the pump right now. If we can get this fixed, I think we can get through this year and maybe next. After that, we will need to do some major repairs like redecking and possibly new plumbing. After all, it is 40 years old.”

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By Lorrie Ross Staff writer

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