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  • Progress photo by Madison Mullins
    ‘Prom Promise’ stirred everyone’s emotions as emergency workers and N.C. state troopers set up a car crash simulation showing what can happen when drinking and driving mix. Students saw the terrible possibilities resulting from bad choices including texting, using other hand-held devices and drinking while operating a vehicle.

Students see what can result from distracted driving

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 “There are no words to explain holding back a junior female volleyball player who is screaming, trying to get to her dad. 

“If you have ever heard someone scream in a horror movie, I can assure you that there is nothing like hearing a loved one being told that their daughter is never coming back,” said Tiffany Clapsaddle describing the aftermath of the bus wreck of 1997.

On Thursday, May 3, the students of Hayesville High School attended the annual Prom Promise Program. Guest speaker Clapsaddle, the principal at Murphy Middle School and former Clay County schools teacher, kicked off the program by speaking about her personal experience with drunk-driving related accidents and the devastation caused by one person’s reckless decision. 

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By Tiffany Owens Guest writer

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