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Altercation leads to death

A late-night domestic dispute ended with the death of a Macon County man on Saturday.
According to Macon County Sheriff’s Office reports, Tony Curtis shot and killed his son Hunter Curtis, 22, following an altercation that turned physical at the family home on Stonecreek Drive.
“Deputies responded to the home regarding a call for service pertaining to a domestic dispute and once on scene they found the body of Hunter Curtis,” Sheriff Robert Holland said. “Our investigation is ongoing and upon completion of that investigation we will meet with the District Attorney and determine what charges if any, are appropriate.”
According to the Macon County 911 Computer Aided Dispatch report, a call came in from the residence at 10:34 p.m. The caller, the victim’s mother Monica Curtis, indicated that she needed emergency assistance because her husband and son were in a fight.
“Hunter is really drunk and Tony just had surgery on his eye and I don’t want them to hurt each other,” Monica Curtis said during the initial 911 call, which lasted approximately 35 seconds.
The 911 dispatcher called the residence back less than a minute later and Monica Curtis answered. During the second call, there is a loud cracking sound followed by Monica Curtis screaming into the phone and then a second loud sound, presumably a gunshot.
Deputies arrived on scene less than two minutes later and found Monica Curtis in the front of the home. She directed law enforcement to an inside bedroom where Tony Curtis was standing in the doorway. According to the MCSO report, Tony Curtis was covered in blood and a handgun was lying on a bed beside him.
According to the report, the first deputy on scene rendered aid to Hunter Curtis, who was lying in the bathtub with his legs over the side until paramedics arrived. The victim was breathing when the deputy arrived but later died at the hospital.
Tony Curtis told investigators on scene that Hunter Curtis had come to the home intoxicated and that “an argument began shortly after he arrived.” According to Tony Curtis’ account of the events as noted by the responding officers, he and Hunter had a physical fight in various rooms of the residence before he was able to get Hunter outside and lock him out of the home.
After listening to Hunter scream and yell for an undisclosed period of time, Tony Curtis let his son back in the home and the altercation continued. Monica Curtis locked herself inside a bathroom to call 911 when Hunter discovered her location and “broke the door down.”
The damage to the bathroom door was noted in the MCSO incident report.
According to the report narrative, Tony Curtis pulled a gun from a bedside table drawer when Hunter attempted to instigate a physical confrontation with his mother. Tony Curtis shot Hunter Curtis with a Ruger pistol that was later recovered by the Macon County Sheriff’s Department. According to the CAD report, Hunter Curtis suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach.
“There are a lot of things being said about Hunter in the public and on social media and they are all true,” Sheriff Holland said. “He was a fun person, charismatic, witty and most of the time he was a good person to be around. Unfortunately, he also struggled with his demons and an addiction that made him a totally different person. What happened is a tragedy, and it should serve as a reminder to all young people that every decision you make can impact your life.”
Hunter Curtis’ body was transported to Jackson County for an autopsy on Monday.

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