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  • Progress photo by Linda Hagberg
    A popular tourists destination as well as favorite spot for local families, the Best L’il Ice Cream Parlor has closed its doors.

Best L’il Corner says farewell

For 18 years, travelers and locals alike have been greeted with a friendly hello by owner Sheila Bellassai as they entered the screen door at Hayesville’s Best L’il Corner. Some came for the fresh burgers, others came for the ice cream, while some came to clomp across the highly polished floors and experience the feel of being in an old-fashioned general store, complete with a vintage cash register. But many came because they had been there before and wanted to visit once again with the petite blonde everyone just called Sheila.
A couple of weeks ago, the Best L’il Corner era ended, at least for now. Bellasai, whose corner marquis signs have often been a source of inspiration for passersby said she was inspired by her own sign. “Courage to follow the path that God put you on,” the sign read. “I kept going out and looking at it all week and I finally realized it was for me.” That Saturday evening, she closed the doors with no plans to reopen. “Even my husband was surprised,” she added. “He always said I’m in my environment here.”
Bellasai has been missing out on family. “My 5-year-old grandson is in Florida,” she said. “Since I closed the store, I finally got to see my great-grandson in Tennessee last week.”
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