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Dog attacks woman

Gail Robertson of Bellview was enjoying a nice spring day at Foster’s Flea Market with her Boston terrier Scooby when everything went black.
“I didn’t see everything,” Robertson said. “I think I blacked out.”
What she knows happened is that a pit bull charged at them and attacked on the afternoon of March 26. The incident left her with a broken leg and her dog with a large chunk of flesh bitten off.
Both had to have emergency surgeries, with Robertson needing a rod inserted into her leg and Scooby getting stitches and a drain put in to help with swelling.
Robertson told her story on Facebook in hopes that others who witnessed the incident could shed some light on details she may have missed.
“There were a lot of people there and I was hoping they could piece it together for me,” Robertson said.
Her doctors told her that she could even think about standing up and attempting to walk on her left leg.
Robertson said she wanted to thank one man who helped get the dog off of her and Scooby but she could not recall his name Monday.
“If it wasn’t for him, my dog would be dead,” she said.
The man who owns the dog allegedly corralled the animal eventually and put him in the back of his truck and left.
Robertson said the deputy who investigated the case told her there would be no criminal charges because the dog had not previously bitten anyone.
There was a report filed with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Joe Wood said Tuesday that the dog was under quarantine and the investigation was still open.
Robertson said she was planning to pursue a civil action to get the owner of the dog to pay for her medical bills, which she said are extensive.
“I’m afraid if he gets by with this it will attack again and who's to say who might be next,” she said on her Facebook post. “Maybe we can find the people who saw this and make sure it doesn't happen again.”

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