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Progress photo by Linda Hagberg

Lessons learned from Busy Beans

Our brains are brewing.” — Cayce Ledford
Every Friday is coffee day for Cayce Ledford’s fourth grade class at Hayesville Elementary School. No, the kids of Ledford’s exceptional children’s class are not drinking coffee, they are operating a business called Busy Beans. 
Ledford said the project is only a couple of weeks old, but she has already seen improvement in the students’ outlook towards school. “It started out as a little thing and it evolved into quite an eye-opening experience. It gives them something sort of extracurricular,” she said, excitedly. “I feel like the whole project gives them something to look forward to. You can tell they’re excited.”
The sign on Ledford’s classroom door reads, “Our brains are brewing.” She observed one student pointing to the sign and telling another student, who is not in the class, “I am part of that business.”

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