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  • Kenneth Sutton, Jr. shows off his winnings in the Holiday Millions lottery ticket.

Man wins lottery

Kenneth Sutton, Jr. takes payments from winnings
No, I just won 1 million."
A Hayesville handyman received an early holiday gift when his North Carolina lottery ticket made him a $1 million winner. 
Kenneth Sutton, Jr. told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he wants to decline media interviews; however, he did tell them he plans to buy a new truck with his winnings.
A press release issued by NC Lottery Public Affairs Specialist Kathleen Jacob said Sutton bought the $10 Holiday Millions ticket at the Big D on Highway 64 in Hayesville. 
According to the press release, Sutton surprised himself with how calm he was when he realized he won. “I just stood there,” Sutton said. 
“The clerk asked me if I had won $500, I said, ‘No, I just won $1 million.’”
Big D Clerk Amber Reaid, who sold Sutton the ticket, said she was more excited than he was. 
“I could not even think straight and couldn’t wait on customers for a few minutes,” she said. “He was completely calm. He shook my hand and told me, ‘I finally did it.’” Reaid gave Sutton the state lottery phone number so he could notify officials.
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