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No environment secure from acts of bullying

He was getting picked on by the same three boys every day."— Mother of a bullied child.
Here is an interesting tidbit. In the 16th century, the word bully meant sweetheart. Later the meaning changed to fine fellow. Then it gradually became what we think of now — someone who harasses those who are weaker or meek.
For the past few weeks, those kinds of bullies and bullying among young people have been researched, written about and apparently, quite a few people have been discussing it. The intention is to enlighten readers about how it happens everywhere and our small bucolic county has not escaped it.
One mom said her oldest son was bullied in Hayesville Kindergarten a few years ago. “He was getting picked on by the same three boys every day. Before school was a big issue since the kindergarten class has to go to the lunch room and wait. Also, it was happening on the playground a lot. They would push him down and things like that,” the woman said. “We talked to the teacher numerous times regarding what was going on. While she assured us they were watching, things were still happening.”
The mother said her decision to remove him from school came one day when the boys were sent to the bathroom and “the last straw” happened. “While in there, one boy held the door shut, one boy held his [her son’s] hands behind his back and one punched him in the stomach,” she said.
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By Lorrie Ross /

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