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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12

A thank you for the community support

My sincere thank you to all the businesses who sponsored this year’s Buck Carney Classic Cross Country Run.
Northeast Georgia Board of Realtors; Pella Windows, Peachtree Lumber Company; Morgan and Son Saw Shop; Carl Patterson Flooring; Dr. Jason Shook Family Dentistry; Nantahala Bank & Trust; Lowes Custom Body Shop and Exhaust; Kings Pharmacy, Danny Burch Insurance; Freds Pharmacy in Hiawassee; Seasons Inn, Sonja Silvers Realty Group; Silver Shears Salon; Ingles, Tigers, Tighe White Construction; Keep Me Posted; Morning Song Gallery and Olivias Chic Boutique.
I appreciate all of the schools, coaches, participants, spectators, Coach Zak Moss and officials who took part in this annual event. I undertook the Buck Carney Classic Run for my senior project because running is a sport I love.
Even though I never met Buck Carney, I know he was responsible for bringing cross country to Hayesville High School and that he was a great coach. 
Over the years Hayesville High School cross country has developed into being competitive with several athletes setting records that still stand for the Smoky Mountain Conference and placing in numerous state championships.
Thank you all for your generous support of HHS cross country and the Buck Carney Classic.
Know ye not that they which run in a race run all but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain, 1 Corinthians 9:24.
Sincerely, Gavin Morgan

Future looks dire for Pell Grants program

The future of financial aid is in dire straits. Pell Grants, which ensure low-income students the opportunity to attend college, are under attack in Congress. The FY17 spending agreement passed by Congress in May 2017 rescinded $1.3 billion from Pell Grants. This plan cut the grant program’s surplus, which is funding needed to pay for grants when the congressional prediction for how much aid is needed falls short.
The Pell surplus is at $8.5 billion and it has taken years to grow. If the economy tanks and job opportunities decrease, more students will go back to college and the Pell Grant program will see a shortfall. The FY18 spending agreement that passed the House in July proposes a cut of an additional $3.3 billion of the $8.5 billion surplus, much to the ire of college affordability advocates. The cut places the program at risk of future reductions to grants that would exacerbate student debt and limit access to higher education.
Our only saving grace is that the Senate has yet to act or debate on this proposed spending bill. To pressure senators, the NCPIRG chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill will host a week of action to protect Pell Grant funding through Oct. 13. We urge you to call your senators and congressional representative to voice your concerns regarding the future of Pell Grant funding before it is too late. Join us in raising awareness by tweeting: #PellRaiser on your social media accounts. 

Kent McKane


Shelton family grateful to VFW for ramp

Thank you to the Veterans of Foreign Wars for the wheelchair ramp installed at our father, James Shelton’s home. The ramp makes dad’s life easier for him to enter and exit his home. It has been such a great blessing to our family. We want to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to those who worked and provided the materials necessary to build the ramp.
The James Shelton FamilyMary, Michelle and Tammy


President Trump is not able to lead our country

The past several issues of the Clay County Progress have printed opinion letters ranging from the historical, sociological, political and depending on one's perspective, the irrational and inaccurate or the sublimely insightful and inarguable. Whatever. We, meaning this country and indeed the world, are now at a place where, regardless of ideology, we must now acknowledge that the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump is completely unfit for the job and action must be taken to have him removed from office.
Here is a list of non-partisan, non-ideological reasons that this is so. In order of urgency:
1. His completely unhinged rhetoric towards North Korea. Any military conflict that results from this will almost certainly lead to World War III and nuclear armageddon.
2. Given the rift between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the president and the already decimated staff of the State Department the danger of point one is even more heightened.
3. Every day that passes our international allies and all nations lose more and more confidence in this nation's ability to lead or even deal rationally with any crises that may arise.
4. The fact that the Republican led Congress has become totally impotent to either pass legislation or to restrain the president in any way is testament to the reality that the Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney and cannot be counted on to step up and do its constitutional duty.
There are other examples of Trump's unfitness, but these four are the most pressing and certainly the most non-partisan and non-ideological. 
Whether you watch “Fox News” or “MSNBC” or read The New York Times or The National Review you have certainly watched the president on television and have seen and heard how he comports himself. If you love your family and this country, think hard about what you have seen. If you are worried, even fearful call, write or e-mail your representative or senator. This is no longer about left or right, liberal or conservative. This is about the security of this nation and the planet.
• Mark Meadows is the 11th district representative which includes Clay County. Phone (202) 225-6401, e-mail: His district office is at the Clay County Courthouse, 261 Courthouse Drive, Hayesville - (828) 452-6022.
• Thom Tillis is one of North Carolina's U.S. senators. Call (202) 224-6342 or via mail: 185 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510.
• Richard Burr is one of North Carolina's U.S. senators. Call (202) 224-3154 or via mail: 217 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
William Bagwell









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