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Anita Chloe Grusenmeyer-Harker

Anita Chloe Grusenmeyer- Harker passed away Aug. 30, 2018 after suffering a stroke.

Chloe split her time between Florida and Hayesville for many years and eventually settled in the Tusquittee area with her husband, Tommy Grusenmeyer.

After his death Chloe became involved in dance, painting and various community activities. She served on the board of directors for the Institute of Continuing Learning at Young Harris College, where she was a long time student and eventual member-at-large.

On her 80th birthday Chloe married her third husband, Glen Harker. She and Glen were often seen dancing at the Copper Door, Sequoyah restaurant and the Tusquittee Tavern and were enthusiastic supporters of her favorite band, Gnarly Fingers.

In April, Chloe was honored with her first one-woman art exhibition held at the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association in Blue Ridge, Ga., which was well received.

Chloe is preceded in death by her parents and a brother, her only sibling. She is survived by her loving husband, Glen Harker, of Hayesville; three sons, Chris, Jeff and Jamey Scott, their spouses and families, all from Florida; a sister-in-law from eastern North Carolina and many loved nieces, nephews and close friends.

Chloe touched the hearts of everyone she met and she will be greatly missed in the community.

Interment will be a private ceremony with family.

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