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‘America the Beautiful’ remains my motto

It’s been quite a campaign season so far. The election. The debates. The issues and non-issues that somehow become issues nonetheless. It can be overwhelming. And disheartening — for me, at least. The negativity, accusations, misinformation, misrepresentation, name-calling and scandals could be enough to discourage and dispirit a regular American or at least cause her to consider a vacation from social media.
I am a regular American and I was feeling it. I noticed last week. The non-congenial atmosphere online, on-screen, on-air and everywhere in between was getting to me in a not-so-good way. 
It’s easy, sometimes, to be influenced by our surroundings. While the campaign cycle may be introducing a certain amount of negativity into the air, I still believe in the corny notion of “America the Beautiful.” I decided to make a partial list of some of the reasons why I am proud to call the United States home sweet home:
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