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America is not immune to history of empires

Possibly there were skeptics who read my letter about the death of America in the March 10 issue of the Progress. I thought it worth while to offer the following comparison of America to times and nations of the past. America is the undisputed wealthiest nation to ever exist.
America spends more on its military than any other nation. Despite its vast superiority, America is destined for a fall much like other great empires of history, the Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Spaniards and the British. World powers all went through cultural development and life cycles in terms of their birth, expansion, rise to power, maturity and decline. These cycles are defined as: Pioneers, Conquests, Commerce, Affluence, Intellect, Decadence and Decline.
As an empire, first the pioneers instill energy and insight to expand and obtain more by conquest. Materialistic values assert a greater influence during the fourth and fifth stages and build up their own defenses. Acquired wealth makes it possible for great institutions of learning and soon the intellectual age gives fist to those who question the values of the founding fathers and resort to historical revisionism. Gradually the elitists influence the populace to reflect those foundation values. Moral decay begins to erode the moral foundation and the empire becomes less able to withstand the forces at work to bring it down.
Author William Goetz in his book, “When the Empire Strikes out, “ describes some characteristics of an empire in decline.
The first being the erosion of sexual standards referring to people who co-habitate out of wedlock as well as a growing divorce rate.
Birth rates decline and the killing of babies both born and unborn to satisfy personal desires of convenience becomes the norm. The influx of foreigners brings cultural diversity that brings divisive issues to all facets of life and cultural instability. People soon give up trying to find common ground and solutions to their difficulties and turn to other things for relief, such as drugs, alcohol, sex and mindless entertainment — the more gross and violent the better. Consider this timely indication: people idolize superstars of sports, film and TV, music, etc., regardless of the lifestyle of those they adore and want to emulate in stark contrast to those heros and superstars that made the empire possible.
One last but major warning sign of empire collapse occurs when the government provides welfare and social programs beyond its ability to sustain them. Prior to the fall of Rome, citizens were kept happy and distracted by government sponsored programs for bread and entertainment, bread and circuses in the coliseum.
Although it is prudent and Christian to help those in need, such benevolence taken to the extreme makes people more dependent and too lazy to work. Such a lifestyle becomes the implacable standard for generations and each generation to follow is insatiable demanding more and more.
These factors and more, give evidence that America is in decline. One could add some Judeo-Christian principles but any discerning person understands the severity of the situation. Refusing to recognize the coming storm will not make it go away nor will it lessen the impact. Make an objective observation of what you see and form your own conclusion.

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