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Andersons knew how to be good neighbors

Regarding the recent death of Mr. Harold Anderson: Not so long ago in Clay County, a good neighbor was not just someone who threw up their hand when they went by. Good neighbors actually depended on and supported each other, sometimes for their clan’s very survival. They pooled their meager resources and pitched in with hog killings, crop harvests, blackberry picking, bean stringing, seed saving, quilting and all the other routine activities that made life in Clay County bearable during very challenging times.
Whether you happened to have a good book, a favorite flower cutting or a moldboard plow, folks felt obligated to share it with their neighbors.
More than a few years back, two good neighbors who routinely helped each other with farm work and home-cooked meals were Carmon Anderson and his best friend, Frank Groves. Their farms joined each other in Myers Chapel community and the two families routinely traded-off farm and household work so that all could thrive.
Both of them had been called to serve in the US Army during World War I, and they returned to Clay County to marry and raise seven sons between them. Those sons grew up together during the Great Depression, walked to school in Hayesville, fished the Hiwassee River, graduated from Hayesville High and went off to World War II and Korea when their country called again.
One of them, Harold Anderson, worked on the family dairy farm after his military service and married a local basketball star, Henrietta Saltz. During the 1950s they and other good neighbors all over the county continued the tradition of sharing farm work and helping to make Clay County a good place to grow up. They were a “matched pair” in every sense, their laughter constantly brightening the lives of everyone they touched.

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