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Be a part of your community by volunteering

As a city girl, I found living near Hayesville in Tusquittee, heaven. I didn’t come here to change it. I heard some say, “I came here to be a part of it.” Yes and I have, too. It’s been an exciting and rewarding passage. I am so happy to live here and to be a part of this warm-hearted, friendly and supportive community. I’ve never felt this way about anywhere I have lived before. This is a community who takes care of their own.
Working only a few hours each week with hospice for several years now, I have come to appreciate my supervisor, Reverend Arnaldo. His warmth and humor are often side-splitting. He’s a joy to work with. The folks whose homes I phone to ask what supplies or medications will be needed for the weekend, become my friends, too. It is a pleasure to help this beautiful organization do the work it does.

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