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Candidate may not be most liked, but is most qualified

It has been said that politics is about getting votes from the uninformed poor and campaign donations from the rich. And the elite media is on the side of their rich advertisers.
This past weekend there were four state primaries. Ted Cruz won two state delegate votes by huge margins, tied in one, and lost the other by a close margin. The week before he almost tied Trump in delegates despite Rubio and Kasich splitting the conservative vote. Cruz has won all the states that allow only Republicans to vote in the GOP primary. Trump has won the states that allow Democrats to vote in the GOP primaries. Did you know all that?
Did you know that Cruz is the only candidate who:
• Is an anti-establishment outsider who has worked in and understands how to reform all three branches of government.
• Knows and has exposed at great personal and political costs the legislative gimmicks that allow establishment politicians to appear like they are voting one way but facilitating the exact opposite. That is why he is hated by many of his colleges in the Senate and their rich donors and loved and endorsed by many in the House of Representatives and has 200,000 volunteers.
• Has promised to phase out all federal government subsidies which is why the entire rich crony lobbyists establishment is against him.
• Fought government enforced monopolies and reduced regulations on Internet sales while he was the director of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission. Every on-line store, and the million jobs created, owe a debt to Ted Cruz. Though his legislative and economic knowledge he has helped to create more long lasting jobs than any other candidate.
• Has the knowledge to recommend and/or appoint only constitutional law abiding judges to the courts.
• Argued and overturned gun bans at the Supreme Court.
• Won the right to keep “one nation under God” in our pledge of allegiance and the 10 Commandments on government property.
• Does not believe people who broke the law should be rewarded with a path to citizenship (amnesty).
• Fought and won to keep the USA’s sovereignty from coming under the United Nation’s World Court control.
An 88-year-old friend, Jack Parrish said to me recently, I want to vote for Donald Trump but his lack of economic knowledge about how to increase jobs scares me. Doesn’t he know that the tariffs he says he is going to impose on Mexico and China will raise the cost of goods to U.S. consumers and lower their standard of living and that similar tariffs are what caused the Great Depression and ultimately resulted in millions losing their jobs? Apparently not.
There are many candidates saying they are for helping the working class. Ted Cruz has the knowledge and has proven he can do it.
Be informed and vote for the most qualified and hated presidential candidate by the ruling class since Ronald Reagan. Vote for Ted Cruz on March 15.

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