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As Christians, what’s happened to our outrage

At this point in time our nation is experiencing two crises of equal urgency. One is the future of the planet in relation to climate change and the other the evil being done to our fellow humans by the United States government. One is a geo-political crisis requiring global diplomatic and legislative action. 

The other simply requires every American citizen who calls him or herself a Christian to put their actions where their piety is. 

Quite a few letters concerning climate change have appeared in the Progress in recent issues, most of them expressing rational concern backed by scientific data. Others denying the problem while residing in the attic of similar dusty notions such as Holocaust denial, fake moon landing conspiracy, a flat earth, anti-vaccination fears and the like. 

The bottom line to climate change is we do something about it or we watch the oceans rise, the forests burn, the crops fail and civilization collapse. 

As to the other crisis, for Christians, their values are at stake. The detention and separation of children has been going on no one knows for how long. We have been informed of it for almost a year and it continues to this day. Now detainees are being kept in conditions that are as bad as any gulag or concentration camp. 

Those seeking asylum are entitled, by law, to a hearing. It is the United States government that is breaking the law. 

There is no justification for any one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ to turn away from this travesty. It is not a sacrifice to speak out about this. 

No one will come and lock you up. A letter to your congressman or senator or to a newspaper will have an effect if enough Christians step up. Christian clergy have a voice. Some write columns for the Progress. One minister wrote a letter to the Progress expressing his concern for the opening of pubs in Hayesville and the increase in sales and use of alcohol. 

I have yet to see a word written about the separation of children and the detention abuses of ICE from anyone in Clay County who espouses Christian principles. If anyone does feel like speaking out you might want to throw in a word or two about the shooting gallery that public places have become for white supremacist rampagers. 

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