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Consensus does not parallel real science

Real scientific proof is not arrived at by votes, opinion or consensus — period. Real scientific proof is established through experiments conducted that result in the same outcome 100 percent of the time. Climate change devotees cherry pick “scientists” that have an “opinion” that suits their needs, many of which derive their income from promoting that view. 

Unfortunately climate change has become a political weapon rather than a factual scientific debate. 

For anyone who really wants to hear both viewpoints Google open source systems on climate change. You will find 31,000 scientists who were polled and say “no convincing evidence,” that humans can or will cause global warming. Thirty-one thousand. No “consensus” there. 

Climate change activists never mention that huge numbers of scientists do not believe that humans are responsible for the climate changing. The climate, of course, is changing, has always changed and will continue to change, no human help necessary. 

The “woe is me” crowd wants us to believe that in the few decades us “uncaring” humans are responsible for altering global weather systems. The fact is that we couldn’t change global weather even if we wanted to. 

Al Gore and his like-minded alarmists profit from perpetuating this gloom and doom theory while jet- setting all over the world. 

It would be so refreshing if we could at least keep politics out of science. 

Weather patterns constantly shift and oscillate, always have and always will — that is fact, not “consensus.” 

The above letter is being reprinted from last week’s issue. The letter contained the wrong author’s name. It incorrectly said Jason Whitaker instead of Mike Whitker. We apologize for the error 



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