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County manager’s severance package a deal

If the voters wish to change their commission with hopes of a different philosophy of government, then that commission should have the ability to administer that change. One can readily see why the state, by law, considered it necessary for the ability of a different commission to be able to change personnel at their pleasure.
All appearances are the voters during the last election voiced that wish by defeating all incumbents and added a complete new commission. In fact one of the defeated made an attempt for a come back, but was rejected in the primary.
Two of those defeated were commissioners when in September 2004 , they signed an employment agreement as presented by the county manager as a condition for his employment with the county. It was amended in January 2006, by the same commissioners because of one important omission. That agreement is six pages long and very comprehensive.
The following is from that agreement:
“WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Clay County Board of Commissioners to secure and retain for the benefit of Employer the services of Employee and to provide inducement for him to remain in such employment, to make possible full work productivity by assuring Employee’s moral and peace of mind with respect to future job security, to act as a deterrent against malfeasance or dishonesty for personal gain on the part of the Employee, and to provide a just means for terminating Employee’ services at such time as he may be unable to fully discharge his duties due to age or disability or when Employer may otherwise desire to terminate his employ;……”
And for that ‘INDUCEMENT’ from that Agreement:
“In the event Employee is terminated by the Clay County Board of Commissioners and at such time the Employee is willing and able to continue to perform his duties under this Amended Employment Agreement, then and in that event, Employer agrees to pay Employee a lump sum cash payment equal to 12 months aggregate salary for each year or portion thereof that the Employee has completed employment with Clay County as County Manager, under this Amended Employment Agreement or otherwise up to a maximum of 18 months aggregate salary, plus retirement benefits and continued health insurance coverage equal to the amounts before the termination each month for the above described period;…..”

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