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A disgruntled Fox addict calls fake news

Disgruntled Fox addict calls fake news 

Never thought I’d see the day Fox News would betray me like this. Letting those Judases, Shep Smith and Chris Walker, actually report a teensy weensy little bit of fair and balanced news. I know they’ve hollered about it for years. Hell, I’ve even proudly proclaimed it myself. But now this fair and balanced BS is getting out of hand. What’s a Foxinated Hannitized soul to do? After all these years of feeding me what I want to hear, out of the clear blue sky I’m being told what I don’t want to hear. It’s too much to bear. Dadgum turncoats Smith and Walker should be strung up. Don’t they know the truth hurts? That weasel Wallace even showed favor to that q____r Mayor Pete. Imagine that? Lordy, lordy I swanny, whats this world coming to? I mean this is serious. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. It it gets right down to it, I bet God’s chosen mouthpiece or Franklin Graham would throw some heavy duty scripture at this mess. I just don’t know. Might have to resort to the popular rightwing family member threat tactic. If that don’t do it, when all else fails, I’ll just stick to telling myself anything to make it right in my mind to believe what I want to believe, regardless of truth, logic and anything as stupid as facts. Who needs them fair and balanced sellouts. I’ll just be my own fake news. That’ll show ‘em. 

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