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HB2 should be retitled N.C. ‘Hate Bill 2’

Letters have provided more smoke than light regarding HB2, also known as House Bill 2, which concerns itself with bathroom use, unfunded mandates, setting wages, hours or working conditions, micromanagement from the state, discrimination in employment and housing and lack of ability to sue in cases of discrimination.
For the record, this was an overwhelmingly Republican-passed bill, signed by the Republican governor. The introduction states that the General Assembly finds that consistent state-wide laws “will improve intrastate commerce” and “attract(s) new business” to North Carolina. A cursory view of national headlines reveals that the impact of HB2 has been just the opposite — large companies are leaving NC in droves.
One reason for the exodus is in Part I, the bathroom clause. While common sense and decency would suggest that we not put males and females together in showers, etc, the devil is in the details.
The key is how the assembly defines “biological sex,” which they order be determined by what is on one’s birth certificate. Enforcement is all but impossible as the assembly provided no money to hire people to guard all the public restrooms and check birth certificates.

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