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If you lie down with the dogs, there’s a good change you’ll get fleas

“With its reputation for being one of the more religious countries in the world, the United States has experienced an alarming dip in religiosity over the last decade, with only Islam, Hinduism and other religions being the exception to the rule,” Breitbart News. So, what’s up? 

Reminiscent of the 1960s there’s a declining trust in our institutions. The church is viewed by many as an institution. Many churches act like one. A common refrain is, the ‘60s was when our country began straying from God. Have those with this mindset considered it was the other way around. Simply put, the church wasn’t doing its job. Are we now having a replay? Russell Moore of the SBC has said, “So often now in America evangelicalism is associated more with the Iowa caucuses than the good word of Jesus.” Hate the sin, elect a sinner. This Orwellian upside downism not only has divided the church, but has contributed to the dilemma. One fourth of adult Americans identify as unaffiliated, preferring spirituality over religiosity. Most believe in God — one of choice, not another’s. Not an official God.

The politicized version of evangelicalism is seen as an attempt by religiously correct Christian crybullies to regulate morality and use the Bible to oppress others — linking patriotism to religion. Does one have anything to do with the other or is it just another way to have more control? People don’t like religious coercion. Preach values by living them. The lesson of religion is better off without the aid of government. The contorting of scripture and redefining what is acceptable and appropriate to defend Donald Trump and make a Christian out of him has cost this branch of religion all moral authority. They can’t see their own hypocrisy. Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. For more insight into the goings-on, tune in to the Church of Fox.

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