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It's time to wake up Clay County

I have sat by silently, but can wait no longer. Events here, nationwide and worldwide are terrifying me. My main concern is the very pillars of our democracy are crumbling. Founders wrote our Constitution providing three branches to keep our democracy in balance for the majority. Those three powers are no longer working for all of our citizens. It is time for these branches to restore the intention of the constitutional lawmakers. Our lawmakers are now working to eliminate our free and truthful speech.
The two constitutional changes needed are term time limits, eliminating the objective of staying in power over governing and an age limit for congressmen. As some individuals age, their level of functioning is compromised. Stepping aside for others with new ideas in a fast-changing world for growth in tune with the times is absolutely necessary.
Recent news shows many of the younger generation “get it.” These young, innovative, energetic citizens need the opportunity to explore and act on new ideas for us to move forward instead of desperately clinging to outdated policies. The world is changing. We need to accept the reality of change and support those who get the picture.
One of the issues that greatly concerns me is the lack of adequate health care for all. The truth is health care for pre-existing medical conditions was not stymied by the Affordable Care Act, but removed by lawmakers in a number of states. Pre-existing conditions was a main focus of that law. Many of our citizens have suffered financial demise with mounting medical bills.
I will address another concern influenced by my life experiences. A 28-year tenure at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Atlanta in the occupational therapy department opened my eyes to the issue of PTSD. Most of my time was spent with returning Vietnam veterans. I loved my veterans, but I saw the ugly effect of war on both the veterans and their families. I came to understand how the horrors of war changed their lives and the profound guilt they felt. The fight for funding for veteran care was and is a constant battle. The unjustified war in Iraq, along with the war in Vietnam were both mistakes. One of my greatest fears is another war. Young servicemen and women could be here rescuing all those affected by the horrible things happening on our very own doorsteps.
I will now state one last fact. As a 28-year federal employee, I have the same health insurance choice as all those in Washington. Insurance and drug companies influence many of our lawmakers decisions. A major change is necessary or acquiring adequate health care will become less accessible for many. Our rural hospitals are suffering. Just visit an emergency room and you will notice this is already beginning to happen.
Remember your responsibility to vote, but fact-check to get the true picture.
Carolyn Krueger

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