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    County’s emergency services gets in high gear to help couple out of a bad situation.

Kudos to county’s emergency workers

In Clay County, we have great emergency folks and my wife and I discovered how great they are this past Saturday afternoon. 

After a wonderful day on the lake and in leaving the marina, my wife, while looking left for traffic, turned too quickly. She missed the road and the right front wheel dipped down into a deep ditch, leaving the left rear wheel in the air. 

Precariously balanced, we called 911 and explained our situation to the Clay County 911 operator who stayed with us on the phone, tirelessly, until the sheriff, fire department, EMS and the state patrol arrived. 

All the while, neither my wife nor I could get out of the car without it becoming unbalanced and rolling into a ditch. 

Amazingly, in passing a heavy strap through my wife’s window and putting it across my chest and under my arms, innovatively, the fire department was able to lower me into the ditch safely from the passenger’s door. Then they removed my wife safely from the driver’s side. 

Zak Lowe, from Lowe’s Wrecker Service in Hayesville, arrived and skillfully succeeded in getting the car back on the road, totally undamaged. 

All of us who live in Clay County should remain appreciative for the wonderful 911, fire department, sheriff’s, ambulance and state patrol services that can and do come to our rescue when we are in trouble. 

My wife Pat and I both wish to express our sincere thank you’s to them, one and all. 

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