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Letters to the Editor: June 29, 2017

Climate change, a matter of science, morality

I would like to thank Mr. DiChiara for his recent letter concerning his support of Pres. Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.   However, as a Physician who majored in Biology and Chemistry, I believe we have to make important decisions based on the best science.  Accordingly, I feel that I must state the real facts about climate change.
Mr. DiChiara was correct in saying that our temperature is controlled by solar radiation, sunspots, volcanic activity, and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation, though he forgot to mention carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  However, all the other natural factors added together have accounted for none of the temperature increase-a well known scientific fact-, and carbon dioxide-the main greenhouse gas-has increased from 280 to over 400 parts per million since the industrial revolution-over a 43% increase.  It is an indisputable scientific fact that carbon dioxide traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere, thus gradually increasing earth’s temperature.  Scientific calculations tell us that every 24 hours the added greenhouse gases trap as much extra heat as the heat generated by exploding 400,000 Hiroshima type bombs. This is what has caused the increase in temperature of 1 degree Celcius-1.8 degree Fahrenheit.
We can look all around us for the proof.  The last 3 years have been successively the 3 highest ones in recorded history.  Glaciers and ice sheets all around the world are melting, sea levels are rising at an increasing rate, we are having more droughts, more forest fires-witness last fall in our area-, and more intense storms, and species on Earth are going extinct 1000 times the expected rate. 
 Fall is arriving later and Spring earlier.  The range of scientific consensus on climate change being caused by humans ranges between 93-99.9%.  I, for one, do not want to trust the fate of my grandchildren to the other 0.01 to 7 percent.
Even Rex Tillerson, Sec. of State, is in favor of the US staying in the Paris agreement.  Though it is not perfect, it has us headed in the right direction, and was meant to be improved upon through the years.  Countless studies have shown that for every $1 spent on action on climate change we will receive back $2-3 in savings.  As for China, they are far ahead of their commitments on the agreement.  They now intend to dominate the world in the Green Energy Revolution, a role which should be ours!
Yes, action on climate change is a scientific, moral, and economic decision, all of which say we must act.  Jesus said “Truly, I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” If we, as Americans, can only think of what is best for us, at this moment, and ignore the needs of others, then we have truly lost our way.
Vernon Dixon, MD


I assure customers it was not as it appeared

As General Manager of Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation, I want to take a moment to respond to the letter to the editor that was in the June 22 edition of the Clay County Progress
To the members that read the letter and were concerned with its subject matter, I want to assure you all that I have personally reviewed the details and interviewed the employees involved in this situation. 
I can most certainly say the work being performed was legitimate and not for the personal benefit of an individual employee. 
The services performed were of the same scope that we perform for any of our 43,000 plus members served in our territory. 
The only difference here is the member who had the services performed happens to be an employee. 
For those interested, the services included the locating of an underground power line across the property and a field review by our staff arborist of a danger tree potentially threatening the overhead power line coming into the property. 
As for the additional comments found in the letter, I can assure our membership that since I was hired last August, any action taken by the EMC has been and will continue to be for the best interests of its membership and ratepayers. 
Should any members have any additional questions/comments, about either this incident or any future concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. 
My office number is (706) 379-4810 or e-mail:
Finally, as I work to change the internal cultural environment and external reputation of your EMC your patience, understanding, support and confidence is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you for your time. 
Jeremy Nelms




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