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Many improvements made thanks to Gibson

As a parent, quality education is important to me. I’m thrilled to share improvements made in Clay County schools in the last year. Thanks go to the school board for their dedication in selecting a superintendent who kept students and their education a top priority, not only for my children, but for all children in Clay County. Here are just some of the highlights of progress being made for our schools under the leadership of our superintendent, Dr. Gibson: 

Communication and visibility 

• Regular communication with staff about issues, laws and other information happening on the state level and coming out of the Department of Public Instruction. 

• Networking within the region and state through attendance at superintendent meetings. 

• Gibson is a visible presence on campus, attending sporting and extra-curricular activities, classrooms and regular meetings with principals. 

• Advocates for our schools with county commissioners to encourage proper funding for schools. 

• Creation of a district seal to make our correspondence professional. We were one of the only counties to not have this. 

• Gibson has maintained an open door policy for parents and spends time with community members listening to concerns. 

Staff development 

and accountability 

• Gibson is building a culture of accountability and transparency with all employees. 

• Transfer of responsibility for uploading and approving continuing educational credits needed to renew licenses to central office, creating consistency in approving CEUs. 

• Hiring procedures and committees put in place making for a transparent hiring process with safeguards to ensure the most qualified person is hired. 

• Financial procedures and safeguards are currently being worked on for CTE. 

• Gibson has opened dialogue for budgeting, giving all department heads (principals, bus, maintenance, technology, etc) a voice to share what they need and why. 

• Demonstrates employee appreciation through celebrating Principals Day, Administrative Assistants Day, birthdays, etc. 

• Supported Professional Learning Communities by offering guidance to principals. 

School safety 

• Created crisis management guide for teachers and administrators. 

• Worked with appropriate authorities for changes regarding traffic patterns around schools. 

• Installed railing to protect cars from going off the cliff around the side of the middle school and rock gym. 

• Gibson has worked to make the campus safe by installing a traffic pattern, adding an additional SRO, advocating for additional guidance counselors and mental health workers, installing buzzers at front entrances and providing staff identification badges. 

School learning 

• Gibson is taking steps to create a student-centered school system in which decisions are made in regards to what is best for students. 

• Increased our schools’ knowledge on curriculum by having principals attend regional curriculum meetings. 

• Support of various improvements to our school’s football program. 

• Ensured EVAAS, student growth, data is correct. 

• Our school website has been upgraded and includes board meeting minutes, links to board policies, a guidance page for parents and students with access to things like scholarship information. 

• Regularly celebrates student achievements in the classroom through public recognition at school, at board meetings, and in the community. Keep up the good work. 

Clay County Progress

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