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Opening up a can of worms in discrimination

Responding to an April 7 op-ed from Fred Jackson: He’s upset by our society as a whole, citing our lack of morals, values and ethics.
His issue is corporate America’s response to N.C. Republican Governor Pat McCroy approving legislation that discriminates against gay and transgender people.
It set off a ruckus when PayPal opposed the legislation by canceling an agreement with the city of Charlotte to open a global operations center there.
Also, the CEOs of more than 100 companies, including Apple, Bank of America and American Airlines signed a letter opposing the law.
Admittedly, it’s complicated, opening up a can of worms concerning discrimination.
Complicating matters, Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia vetoed legislation that encouraged such discrimination.
The battle seems to be a matter of equality, as stated in our constitution, versus those who can’t grasp it.
Jackson’s mix of religion, morals and values somewhat clouds things. Its about denying dignity to others who are “different.”
He hit the nail on the head when he says morality can’t be legislated, it comes from the heart.
He could also have mentioned that the Ten Commandments can’t be legislated, they’re in a person’s heart.
He blames the liberals for his version of our failings while he looks down on others.
The liberals have won the cultural wars. To understand why, he and others like him need only to look in the mirror and take to heart the old Joe South song, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.”

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