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Opinions: April 12, 2018

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A bipartisan answer to climate change 

 Climate change has been a very divisive subject in our country. Why? Opponents fear that it will damage our economy and they fear government regulations, the growth of big government and the destruction of our free market economy. There is always the big question of serious doubts that climate change is real. These are very real concerns and though I advocate for action on climate change, I too do not want government regulation and I certainly do not want to hurt our economy. Our free market economy has made America the leading economy in the world and it should be preserved. 
So, what are we to do? Being a fiscal conservative, I have found only one plan that I believe can heal the divide, grow our economy and actively combat climate change. Simply place a fair price on the production of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, return the money to all U.S. citizens as a monthly dividend and then let the free market take over. The price of wind and solar would soon be cheaper than fossil fuels, giving American manufactures the incentive to invest in Green Energy. American ingenuity would then propel us to be the leader in the Green Energy revolution, which would assure America as being the leading economy in the world. 
This plan is eminently fair, for companies responsible for the pollution should be held accountable for the damage they cause, which you and I now pay for. Most Americans would come out ahead due to the monthly dividend, it would grow our economy and it would add millions on NEW American jobs. And even if climate change were not real, we would be left with a healthier, stronger, more prosperous America. Fair, simple, quick, effective, market driven, free from government regulations and correcting the market distortions that do not take into account the damages caused by fossil fuels. I believe it is a plan we can all support. - Vernon Dixon, MD 

 State’s rights, taxation led to Civil War 

 When one gives evidence that our history is not what we were taught in school expect to be ridiculed by those who disagree, but cannot refute the factual evidence. They, like Emmet Bondurant last week, tend to bring up other facts that suggest otherwise. I had quoted Lincoln’s inaugural address where he indicated that he would not free any slaves but would invade states that did not pay tariffs imposed by his government. 
Bondurant further stated, “The founding fathers of the Confederacy were absolutely unequivocal: the sole reason for the Civil War was white supremacy, period” and wrote “look it up.” As evidence he pointed out that five states mentioned slavery in their secession declarations. He is mute on the other six seceding states. I looked it up.
The Confederacy listed many reasons for seceding. States rights, the cornerstone of our Constitution, along with unequal tariff taxation were the two biggest reasons given by all the states seceding. They knew that Lincoln planned to have Southerners pay up to 90 percent of all taxes which would be given to his wealthy former legal clients, his main campaign contributors. 
Bordurant’s other claim was that the South started the war therefore the reason does not matter. 
Less than a week after Lincoln’s emissary to South Carolina’s governor assured that he would be evacuating personnel at Fort Sumter (in Charleston’s harbor, staffed by federal soldiers and tariff collectors) and “no effort to throw in men, arms or ammunition will be made without further notice,” Lincoln broke his promise and sent several ships there with more provisions and troops to invite violence. 
Yes, the South Carolinian battery fired the first shot. On April 11, 1861 South Carolina officials rowed out to Fort Sumter and urged its commander to surrender the fort per what Lincoln had promised or they would be compelled to open fire. The Sumter commander explained that he was awaiting for confirmation from Lincoln to surrender. Fort Sumter was then reluctantly fired upon by South Carolina cannon with no casualties. They surrendered. None of the 90 federal soldiers at Ft. Sumter were taken as prisoners of war but rather were given safe passage back north because the South had not declared war on the North. They just wanted federal troops and tax collectors out of their harbor. 
The South did not start a single battle from April to December 1861. They only defended their states. Lincoln refused to heed his advisors to meet with the Confederate representatives to find a peaceful solution. He waged total war against the South, including killing civilians and burning down homes. 
P.S. If Lincoln’s sole reason for invading the South was to free slaves, why did he not free a single slave in the Union states and territories that allowed slavery? Why was he a founder of a movement to ship blacks back to Africa and voted to prohibit blacks from settling in Illinois when he was an elected representative there?  - James F. Davis 


 If you lead with passion we will follow 

 A friend reminded me that sometimes it takes the village to get the mule out of the ditch. 
Over the past two and a half years, many of the residents of Cherokee County put up with my passionate, persuasive and pushy manner to unite us all because they are tired of seeing the litter epidemic in our county continue to spiral out of control. The residents of Cherokee County have shown that they are willing to follow even a flawed leader (that would be me) and unite in a common effort to reverse the litter epidemic in our county. 
On Friday, June 29 I will no longer be that leader and be willing to inspire and unite our community to continue their anti-litter efforts. I will be asking all of those who are engaged in anti-litter efforts to follow the lead and leadership of our Cherokee County commissioners and mayors. 
Commissioners and mayors, if you choose to promote no-host, at-your-own-risk, litter recovery events on the third Saturday of February, May, August and November and invite those in our community to your meetings once per year to recognize their anti-efforts, then I will follow your lead. 
My personal willingness to follow your lead will include that you are willing to promote the concept of leaving the recovered bags of litter on display for three days for all of the reasons that are positive. I will follow those leaders who “will do” not "try to do” everything that has been suggested. 
If you as leaders will do what has been suggested and make that message known through regular and frequent statements to our media organizations, I will encourage all of the anti-litter groups in our community to follow your lead. Leaders must lead from the front and that includes doing what they ask others to do. 
After June 29 the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition will limit/restrict its involvement in our county's anti-litter efforts to being solely a “messenger” and sharing the anti-litter efforts of our leaders, schools and other Cherokee County groups with the media organizations that would be interested in our community efforts. 
With the permission of the Cherokee Scout, I am willing to meet at their office with mayors and commissioners (individually or collectively) to answer questions, comments and concerns regarding the future of our Cherokee County anti-litter efforts. 
United we can make a difference and without a mission statement that is flawlessly implemented, we will indeed fail to achieve the desired results that benefits the image and economy of Cherokee County. 
It has been said that we have bigger problems than litter and that is true but the big problems we have started out as little problems that were swept under the rug. Sometimes leaders need to say what needs to be said and heard and that takes real leadership. You may not be popular with a few, but it’s worth the risk and I will be there with you if you lead. - Gary Chamberlain-Spokesman , North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition,, (928) 202-1186

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