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Opinions can grow stale if repeated too often

We’ve had the privilege of living in this community for 14-plus years. During that time I’ve exercised my First Amendment rights and submitted several op-adds or letters to the editor. I understood that there were folks who didn’t agree with any of my submissions and there’s some folks who didn’t care one way or the other what I had to say about anything. 

However, there are some folks in our community, while exercising their rights under the First Amendment, believe what they have to say is meaningful and important to our community. Why make that point? Because they continually have submissions. Sometimes several times a month. Basically their opinions are always the same, they hate the president. 

I was not a fan of the last president, but he was my president. I sincerely believed he didn’t have the best interest of our country as part of his agenda. I could’ve taken time to write my opinions and concerns about his administration on multiple occasions, but I didn’t. I learned in the military, if it serves no useful purpose, don’t do it. Also, I learned you don’t have to like a person, but you do have to respect their rank. While I respect the right of all individuals to continue to publish negative op-adds, I wish they would only be moved to submit once a month. Additionally, in some way, try to change their narrative, show a little more imagination. 

Additionally, I completely understand they sincerely believe what they write is gospel. However, having said that, I find it difficult to believe they couldn’t find some level of fault with the last administration. Where was their concern about a health care law that was imposed on the American people? They didn’t seem to have a problem with the fast and furious effort when it got out of control or the agreement with a nation that is currently the leader of state-sponsored terrorism in the world. 

So having said all of the above, again there will be those folks who don’t understand or believe what I’ve just written. Also some who don’t care one way or the other what I have to say about anything. That’s one of the many great things about America, the First Amendment. 

My father, who was the smartest person I’ll ever know, once told me, “Never argue with a stupid person,” I truly understand him now. 

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