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Opinions: January 17, 2019

VIPER Tower bad idea for residential area 

I am writing to voice my concerns regarding the proposed VIPER tower to be built within a few feet of my home on Cherry Mountain. First of all let me say that this is a purely residential area and even though not far from downtown Hayesville, is a secluded, quiet neighborhood with beautiful views, good property values and quite frankly we want to keep it that way. Many of us have put quite a sum of money into our homes and now this proposed tower threatens to destroy its value. Would you honestly purchase a home with a VIPER tower 70 feet from it? 

My closest neighbor has a pacemaker and a defibrillator and this tower is proposed to be built 70 feet from his house, which means that he will be forced to sell, as he cannot live near a tower like this. I do not see how it is possible to force someone out of their home, which they have put a lot of money into, looking forward to retirement here. We have tried our best to research these towers and the detrimental health effects from them and most of the data is “inconclusive” because they have not been around long enough to prove what detrimental health hazards are associated (similar to other things like the effects of tobacco), although some studies in other countries have found them to be detrimental, not only with pacemakers/defibrillators but also increased childhood and female cancer risks. How would you feel about being the guinea pig in this experiment by Clay County. 

The residents of this community fully support increased communication abilities for our police officers and fire and rescue personnel, but at what cost? I think the question of whether or not you would support having a 200 foot tower built 70 feet from your home in a residential area instead of a commercially zoned area is the one that needs to be answered. Finally, this is not downtown Los Angeles and there are many, many sites in Clay County which are not residential, where this tower could be placed without the worry of detrimental health effects or lowering property values of residents. I sincerely hope that the residents of Clay County and the county commissioners will reconsider this location in favor of a more suitable location. 

Eric and Anita Schrader 


Keep us among the ‘nicest,’ find a new site 

Hayesville was one of Reader’s Digest 2017 top 10 “Nicest Places in America,” a national crowd-sourced hunt for “exceptional places whose people exemplify ways of life the country needs more of today.” I agree. 

We are a very happy, sensitive, compassionate and caring community. We trust and we respect each other. I don’t think the county manager can be counted as one of us. He is proposing a 185 feet VIPER tower — like a cell tower — be built on Cherry Mountain. 

This site ignores the people who live nearby. The tower will be 70 feet from one homeowner’s back porch. 

There are three more homes just below the tower and 20 homes within a 1/4 mile. 

None of these people want a tower over their home or next to their home. No consideration is being given to the “little people.” It’s government do as you please. Clay County needs to find another site for this tower. A site that is less populated. 

Let’s go back to being one of the top 10 “Nicest Places.” Let’s care about each other again. I say no to a VIPER tower on Cherry Mountain. 

Connie H. Bristol 


County should choose a better site for tower

We attended the county commissioners' meeting on Thursday, Jan. 3. We are just two of the many residents who live close the to the proposed VIPER tower off Highway 69 on Cherry Mountain. We agree that Clay County needs better communication for our local law enforcement, EMS, 911 system, internet and cell service. It is long over due. 

What we are opposed to is the proposed location of the tower — right in the middle of a residential area. 

While researching the web there are numerous articles concerning the health hazards of the electromagnetic radiation waves these towers put out. Some of the hazards include increase of cancer, fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, concentration problems, depression, memory problems, irritability, cardiovascular problems, hearing disruption, skin problems, dizziness, etc. One site that discusses some of these issues and refers you to others is http:// PrLjie-GED1JTe4D_WzTYVpgwc4KTDYwkFyUp-N6gv7pQ0PIQ. 

Another issue that is discussed in these articles is property values. Studies have shown that properties near these towers have lowered the homeowners' property. Not only would it be difficult to sell a home so close to the tower, Clay County will receive lower taxes from this area. 

Our home is approximately 400 feet from the proposed location. One neighbor's property will be 70 feet from the tower. Can you imagine walking out your backdoor and looking at a 180-plus foot tower? This owner has numerous health problems. One being a pacemaker. With the electromagnetic radiation waves coming from the tower, this will certainly be a death sentence for him. He won't be able to sell his home. No one would want a huge tower in their backyard. 

It was stated at the meeting that this was the best location because of the elevation of Cherry Mountain they would only have to build an 186-foot tower. If they put the tower on lower ground they would have to build a 400 foot tower and that would cost more money. We would like to know if they put a value on our lives or was this even considered? 

At the meeting one person spoke about not being able to dial 911 in an emergency. In this area we have great internet service and phone service. Wouldn't it make more sense to put a tower closer to these people, in an open area so they would have better communications. There are thousands of acres in this county where a tower could be put away from residential areas. 

We plead to our county commissioner to please vote no on the location of this VIPER tower. 

Gene and Debbie Thrower 

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