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Opinions: January 24, 2018

Thank you for the article Mr. Hamiliton

I want to thank Mr. Hamilton for his timely and very insightful ar- ticle about climate change. It truly is perhaps the greatest existential threat to humanity of our time and we can no longer ignore it. Recent polling shows that more people have become convinced about the reality of climate change, with Re- publican belief in climate change increasing by 15 percent over the last three years. The recent U.S. National Climate Assessment puts the cost to America from damage due to climate change in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually by 2100 if significant progress is not made to combat rising greenhouse gases.

We would be very remiss, however, if we ended with those dire consequences without leav- ing hope for a real solution. The good news is that at the end of the last term of Congress, a bill was introduced in both the House and Senate that offers real hope. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividends bill, HR 7173 in the House and S. 3791 in the Senate was introduced with joint Republican and Democratic sponsorship in both Houses.

This is truly a bill that can gath- er support from both Republicans and Democrats. It simply places a fair price on the production of greenhouse gases to account for their damage and returns all the money to all U.S. citizens and then the government gets out of the way, allowing the free market to take over.

Environmental studies of this bill show that it will decrease greenhouse gases by 90 percentby 2050. No other single program comes close to this. Economic studies show that it would put more real income back into about two-thirds of American’s pocket- books, even after accounting for higher prices. It would also add about 2.8 million new American jobs over a 20 year span and it would grow the economy.

For the sake of passing on a livable world to our children and grandchildren, let us all hope and pray that this will be the year when Congress puts politics aside and takes real action on climate change. This bill will be re-intro- duced in the next Congress and
it is up to us to let our Congress- men know that we want them to take meaningful action to combat climate change.

Gilbert S. Nicolson

Narcissist leaders dangerous to our world

Apparently, a sizeable num- ber of voters don’t recognize the destructive symptoms of Donald Trump’s narcissistic personal- ity disorder, which commonly include:

• Arrogant behavior with fanta- sies of unlimited power, brilliance and self-importance.
• Obsessed with sexual perfor- mance.
• Disregards rules and feels entitled to special treatment. 
• Lacks empathy for others’ feelings.
• Lies repeatedly.

When an NPD receives suc- cessful feedback from his deviant behavior “narcissistic supply,” he is encouraged to continue or even escalate.
But if he senses confrontation and humiliation, he is likely to dramatically retaliate.

While NPDs may appear comical to normal people, they are capable of exerting great harm. They characteristically make snap

decisions, unable to foresee the long-term effects of their impul- sive behavior.

Severely disordered examples who cause intentional harm are called malignant narcissists, known more familiarly as psycho- paths and sociopaths.

Time is our enemy — the longer Trump remains in office, the more opportunity he will have to abuse us and our global allies with his lust for power.

Bob Grove

Cell tower, no matter the cost to people?

Let me start off by saying I am not against the policy on EMC having adequate communications. They need it for all our sakes, but not above or close to homes.

We bought our home in the peaceful community of Cherry Mountain. No it is not historical except for the fact that Mica was once mined here. It is a place of beauty where nature is all around us. It’s a place where you wake up and a smile comes to your face.

Now it is earmarked for a VIPER tower to go 700 feet from my home and to go over one home that is 70 feet away and only 10 feet away from his property line where children play. There are a total of 20 homes that this tower would be close to. God forbid a child gets hurt from something falling off the tower, or a lightning strike hits it and catches on fire, 20 homes would be in danger. They have been known to fall from high winds which we get here. It could hit three homes easily.

This tower should be at least 1,500 feet away from any home. The center core emits radiation waves that go up to 1/4 mile which is the most damaging to people. The FCC does not recognize this fact. Europe does how- ever and will not put them close to any homes. They say in about 6 years the rate of cancer and neurological diseases were higher around these towers.

Our property value would go down, therefore bringing our taxes down which would affect the county. Good luck selling any home or property, for no one wants to be close to these towers. We have already checked with different realtors on this matter, which would also affect the Clay County tax income.

Susan Aurella

Will the shutdown shut Mr. Trump down?

“I did not say Mexico would pay for that wall.” Did that whopper of whoppers during a primetime TV State of the Union Address cause Trump supporters to wince or groan just a little bit? Will his shutdown shut him down? “Fox News” host Cris Wallace tried

to blame both Trump and the Democrats for the shutdown. Fel- low “Fox News” host Shep Smith said Trump had taken ownership of it from the beginning. “This back and forth is just not credible,” the president said. “I’m shutting down the government. I’ll own the shutdown. I’m proud to carry the mantle.” He shut the government down and that’s that.

Three-time Pulitzer Prize win- ning columnist and author Thom- as Friedman brought it home. “He has told one too many lies. We’re in a moment where people simply don’t believe a word out of his mouth. When he can stand up and 

say I never said Mexico... We’re through the looking glass. We have a disturbed man in the White House.

A president with formal authority but no moral authority. A president without shame, who is backed by a network without a spine, that is supported by a network without integrity. Fasten your seatbelt. The crisis is in the oval office.”

Mickey Cochrane


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