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Opinions: March 8

A free market solution to climate change 

 It is time for us to put aside our differences. Climate change is not a political issue. It is an issue that goes beyond political values and has the potential to do irreparable damage to our whole world. Many people fear that it is too expensive to act or that it will destroy our free market economy. We do not need to, nor should we try to, destroy our free market economy, for it has propelled us to greatness. We need to use it to conquer climate change. Simply put a price on the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to account for their external damages that you and I pay for now, return the money to all of us taxpayers and let the free market take over. A study from the Harvard Medical School put a price tag of $350 billion to 500 billion every year just from inhaling the particulate matter produced by burning fossil fuels. The well respected Regional Economic Modeling Inc. study shows that putting a progressively escalating price on the production of greenhouse gases actually helps to grow the economy and will propel America to even greater horizons. Putting a price on carbon is simple, fair, effective and free market driven. Now let’s do it. -  Vernon Dixon, MD 


Blessed with supportive family, friends 

 The family of James Russell Cabe would like to thank everyone for the love, support, and especially all the prayers we received. 
We are very grateful to all of our family and friends. A special thank you to dispatch. EMS, Faith Tabernacle, Joey and Moe Buckner, coworkers at DOT, coworkers at Clay County, Jones and Smith families. 
Words cannot describe the humbleness we have felt from all the prayers and outpouring of love. We would like to apologize in advance if we have inadvertently left anyone out. We are truly blessed. God be with you all. - With love, Preston, Amanda, Kaitlyn, Maci and Dolly Cabe 


 Little white lies causing lots of problems 

In response to Ronald A. Jakelis’ rebuttal to my Feb. 22 Progress op-ed addressing the Trump White House culture of lying and those who mince words to gloss over it. I criticized White House press spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her father Mike Huckabee, along with national religious figures who are complicit. Jakelis writes, “It’s a terrible insult to the intellect of our religious community.” I don’t see the correlation between my opinions and an insult. Most of his letter veered off track from the issue and was mostly a Democrat, Obama, Clinton liberal agenda rant. Valid or not, it’s the same old dead beaten horse talking points that distracts from Trump’s problems. He did say, “Yes, Trump has flaws and he is, like all of us, imperfect. His indiscretions have been exposed to the public in graphic details.” I agree, but that doesn’t absolve him from further criticisms which some supporters call bashing. As for my criticism of Sarah Huckabee, the “toughness” of her White House role is no excuse for someone of her background using her choice of terminology that’s beneath her dignity, lowering herself to Trump’s level. Defending policy is OK. Embarrassing herself attempting to account for his poor character and behavior isn’t OK. Her father is on board with her. They’re a textbook example of the word sycophant. 
As are national religious figures such as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr. and others. Sidling up to power is intoxicating and can cloud judgement. 
Jakelis mentions Jack Kemp to get across the point that politics is dirty. He didn’t need Kemp to tell that. Sorry Mr. Jakelis, you and those you presume to speak for are officially in the dirty political arena now. So everything goes. You’re fair game. Don’t complain. No hiding behind the Bible. Our country was better off before religion became a political party. It seems the people who complain most of being trampled are doing most of the trampling. In the same time frame that your op-ed was released, our schoolyard bully, name-calling president did it again — called Attorney General Jeff Sessions Mr. Magoo (cartoon character). The different forms of lying that I listed and you agreed with can now add another to the list. Hope Hicks definition: “little white lies.” She admitted under oath that she lied for Trump, then fled the swamp to escape the stink I wrote about in my op-ed. 
Following Trump’s name calling episode and Hope Hicks’ lying debacle came news that Mike Huckabee accepted a seat on the Country Music Association Foundation board. His tenure was scrubbed in less than 24 hours due to an immediate backlash concerning his anti-LGBTQ views. He’s entitled to his views. He also has to accept responsibility for them. He blamed hate toward him for what transpired. Did he consider it’s his own hatred reflected back at him? Belief and hatred are incompatible. -Mickey Cochrane 


 HMS robotics team appreciates your support 

The Hayesville Middle School Lego Robotics program is extremely grateful to Ronnie Beal for his generous donation to the Lego program. This contribution will impact at least 40 students in middle school by providing them with the resources needed for a successful season. 
Lego robotics provides an avenue for competition, creativity, and cooperation. The robotics program is so much more than building cool stuff with Legos — it is about bringing our students to another level of academics and enabling them to work together, cooperatively, for the good of the team. We are truly grateful to Beal and all the others who have given of their time and resources to make this endeavor a great success at HMS. - Heather Plemmons, assistant principal, Hayesville Middle School 


 Community’s support during loss is appreciated 

We would like to thank Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and everyone else for helping us during the loss of our son, Joe. - Jimmy and Belinda Murray 






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