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Opinions: May 10, 2018

 It’s time: be a world leader or be left behind 

 America, wake up. The handwriting is on the wall. The times they are a changing. We no more can cling to the use of fossil fuels than past generations could cling to oil and kerosene over electricity or horse and buggy over automobiles. 
The future of energy is in renewables like wind and solar. If America is to remain competitive in the world, we have to be the leaders, not the laggards, in the Green Energy Revolution. China is spending $360 billion by 2020 on renewable energy which will result in 13 million new Chinese jobs and they installed more solar last year than has the U.S. in its history. China is leaving us behind. We cannot allow that to happen. It is time for the U.S. to put its differences aside and take its rightful place as the world leader in clean energy. 
A carbon fee and dividend plan as proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby is a conservative market driven plan that can accomplish that purpose. Simply place a fair price on the production of carbon from fossil fuels to account for their external damage and return that money to all U.S. citizens in a monthly dividend check. That would rapidly cause fossil fuels to be more expensive than solar and wind which would in turn fuel American ingenuity and investment in clean energy and rapidly convert us away from fossil fuels and into the use of solar and wind. Simple, fair, effective, market driven. Even if people do not believe in climate change, it would grow our economy, add millions of new American jobs and put more money back into the average American’s pocketbook, even after accounting for 0the increase in energy costs. So, what are we waiting for? It is time to act. 
Vernon Dixon, MD 

 Guidelines for cemetery maintenance 

 As a trustee of the Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Trust Fund I apologize for the flowers being removed from the graves. I take full responsibility for the removal because I should have given written instructions instead of oral ones to not remove flowers from the vases. This was my mistake. If you will send me your receipts for your flowers, I will reimburse your funds. 
However, loose flowers or single stemmed flowers, trinkets, such as angels and dolls should not be put on the graves unless they are in containers or attached to the tomb stone. Maintenance employees can’t be responsible for moving these items and they present a hazard to the equipment and the employees. 
Other guidelines: 
• Do not plant trees or flowers in the cemetery. 
• Remove old and faded flowers timely. Each family will be responsible for their own grave sites. 
• Report any damage of your stones to the trustees. 
• Notify the trustees before a grave is opened. Note: Much of the older part of the cemetery has unmarked graves, therefore, it would be easy to desecrate an older grave that is not marked but may be listed on the cemetery register. 
• Remove all old flowers from new internments after one month. This is to prevent fire ants and snakes from residing on the grave site. This will also allow for maintenance of the grass and ground on the new grave site. 
• Place all new grave stones or markers in the row alignments and allow sufficient space between graves. 
I would like to thank all the family who have supported the trustees for the past 10 years as we have worked hard to keep the cemetery maintained. Thank you again for your contributions to the cemetery fund. If you have additional questions, contact the trustees. 
Shirley Roach, Trustee 

Reminder to observe Confederate history 

 Most people in the South have Confederate ancestors in their family. I hope you will take time to remember and honor these brave men who fought for southern independence. If southern history was interpreted objectively as it was before 1960, instead of with liberal political hate as it is today, nobody would dare remove a monument to soldiers in a war in which over 750,000 were killed and more than a million wounded. 
Monuments in the South were paid for by pennies from children and an impoverished region which had been destroyed 35 years earlier. As Shelby Foote said, slavery was an element of the war, not the cause. More than 94 percent of southerners did not own slaves, according to the 1860 census. Men do not charge into Union batteries so someone else can own slaves, but they do so enthusiastically for independence, especially if their country is invaded. 
Our Confederate history is in a political fight, not a history debate. The socialist left never likes to hear facts, rather they always put the blame on someone else. 
I hope some day someone will remember me and my generation of the Vietnam War, just as I take time to remember my Confederate ancestors today. God bless the South. 
Carl Maxwell 

 Mother’s Day 

 This is a very special time of year; 
Remembering our Mothers we know they are so dear. 
They are always doing those precious little things; 
The ones that make us change, from early in the morning till late in the night; 
Our mothers are there to teach us what’s right. 
We lift up this day for our Mother’s precious love; 
Lord, please bless them send down your goodness from heaven above. 

Harry Tipton


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