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Oppose EMC customer service rate increase

I agree with Bill Kendall’s letter of March 21 on how the Blue Ridge Mountain EMC’s customer service increase to $40 a month is unfair and onerous. As he outlined so well in his letter, this large increase shifts the burden onto those of us who use a small amount of electricity and are living on a fixed income.

We installed solar power on our home in order to limit the impact of the increasing cost of electricity. We are still tied to the grid because we do not generate enough solar power in the winter or at night. This increase, and the ever present “fuel cost adjustment” fee — where did this come from? — cuts way into what we save by generating solar power. Our last bill had the $21.37 customer charge, the $15.97 fuel cost adjustment and then taxes, so we paid $44.48 for everything but electricity. If this charge is raised to $40, then we would have to pay around $63, that is if the “fuel cost adjustment” charge doesn’t increase as well, before paying for any electricity we use. Pretty soon these two fees will be higher than the cost of the electricity.

All of us who oppose this customer service charge increase and want to know why we have to pay a “fuel cost adjustment” fee, should attend the next BRMEMC’s board meeting on April 15. You have to sign up to attend and you also have to sign up to speak. They want your intent to attend and/or speak form emailed to them five business days ahead of the meeting. They don’t make it easy.

We can do it. Visit: and you will find all you need to attend the meeting. See you at 6 p.m. Monday, April 15 at their headquarters in Young Harris. Let our voices be heard.

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