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There's no good reason to own a semi-automatic

The recent shootings in Texas and Ohio bring to mind the close call I had on Sawyer Cove in Hayesville on July 4th of this year. While sitting outside with my dogs just enjoying a quiet afternoon with a book an irate neighbor opened fire with an assault rifle aimed in our direction. I am not an expert on guns but this one was extremely loud and fired continuously with no break between shots. We were terrified and my dogs , all collies, ran in all directions absolutely petrified. The youngest one, only 7 months old, ran into the woods. When I finally found her she was literally so afraid she could not walk. She was shaking and so was I. I held her and coaxed her and talked to her and she buried her head in my shoulder and whined. It took quite a while before I was able to get her to the house. 

On moral, practical and constitutional grounds no private citizen should own an automatic weapon or semi-automatic weapon that can be modified by automatic effects. 

These are military weapons their purpose to kill human beings, They are not used for hunting (unless you want to destroy the animals’ meat) they are lousy for target shooting but they are excellent for mass murder. The latest shooters could not have done what they did with a sports rifle or a shotgun. To add to this the people who own these type of weapons are most likely immature hate-filled males with no purpose in life. 

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