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Those who preach tolerance, be tolerant

I, Fred Jackson, with chagrin and humility, must apologize to all whom I may have offended by saying I do not discriminate. I have come to understand I do discriminate. So does everyone. You see, to discriminate means to make a choice, a distinction: pro or con, yes or no, I will or i won’t, white bread or brown, tea or coffee. Life is all about choices or discrimination. The social network Facebook is a good example, who will I friend or unfriend. Isn’t it ironic that those who cry discrimination loudest are themselves discriminating?
Bruce Springsteen, Bryon Adams, PayPal, AT&T, et al, are doing the same thing they berate others for. Everyone has a right to live however they choose as long as that lifestyle does not infringe on anyone else. You can be as different as you wish and just because you may be confused about your gender does not mean others are too. Just because I have a right to do something does not mean I should. This is the dark path the liberals expect us all to follow. It is because America is a democracy that we should be more self-governing and show restraint regardless of how we might want to impose our will on others.
Discrimination is not bad in itself. It is an inevitable fact of life. It all depends on one’s intent. Don’t accuse me of discrimination as a means to impose your will upon me if I happen to disagree with you. While I may apologize for offending you, I do not apologize for my discrimination. My concern is the moral decline of America and who...

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