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Unethical judges have no place on court bench

Ole Roy’s done it again. Roy Moore, an absolute Bible pounding judge who took an oath twice to uphold the Constitution.
The law of the land — man’s law. Seems he would rather use the Bible to execute the law rather than the Constitution, causing our founders to roll over in their graves.
He’s been canned both times he took the oaths. First time in 2003 when he snuck a 5, 280 pound Ten Commandments monument into the Alabama State Supreme Court building when he was chief judge.
Soon after he ran for governor of Alabama and got whipped bad. In 2012 he was re-elected again as chief judge.
Now he’s getting canned the second time by the state judicial inquiry commission, accusing him of six counts of ethics violations, saying he abused his authority by issuing an order blocking marriage licences to same sex couples.
In both episodes he cited Biblical reasoning for his decisions. Why bother taking oath? What’s he really up to, perhaps a springboard for a presidential run.

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