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Vehicles shouldn’t serve as phone booths

I drive a motorcycle and I was just about run off of the road and potentially could have been hit head on, by a car passing a string of three cars. The driver almost ran out of room getting past them all and as the car went past me, I could see it was a girl talking on her cell phone — obviously not the least concerned about anyone or anything else.
Aside from nearly running me off the road, what if one of the other cars in front of her decided they were going to pass and didn’t notice her overtaking a car that had to be doing 80? Or, the lead car was slowing and started to make a left into a driveway? Many people could have died that afternoon because of one careless, impatient girl speeding and tailgating while talking on a cell phone.
Where are law enforcement when you need them and stuff like this is going on? Speeding on the back roads, passing cars in no passing zones, passing or tailgating cars that are driving the speed limit or even exceeding the posted limit is irresponsible and crazy. When you add in inexperienced new drivers, impatient, irrational or impaired drivers along with seasonal residents, visitors unfamiliar with our roads and senior citizens who don’t have as sharp sight or reaction times, there is no room for distracted or dangerous, thoughtless driving.
Nearly everyone of all ages should understand the potentially lethal danger that cell phone use, especially texting when driving poses.

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