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Victim’s family needs more support from law enforcement

I have tried to be nice and set back and let them run our family down. 

It’s not bad enough that my great-grandson was murdered, it’s also my daughter’s grandson and my grand daughter’s son. They have not even been able to grieve because the law won’t leave them alone. 

Let me tell you that Jordan was Shirley’s pride and joy. Then you all stoop so low as to charge her with something. 

Shirley is a good Christian who never hurt anyone. She would not hurt a flea and works like a dog. All she was doing was trying to help and you all treated her like a dog. 

Someday you all might lose someone you love and maybe you all will be treated the way you all have treated my family. You will know how it feels. 

I think it’s time you got Jordan home so we can have a decent funeral for him. You all should be praying for Jordan’s family, instead seeing how much you can hurt them. 

Don’t forget there will be another election. 

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