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The bond of a team is a bond that holds through sorrow

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There’s something special about being on a sports team. Sure team work spans across life whether it be in the office, church organization or a club but joining forces on a sports team is different.

While the common goal of winning is the reason a team is formed, sharing experiences with someone is where a team is made. 

The person that you had never talked to is now in the same struggle as you when it seems like practice will never end. The next day you notice that person actually shares a class with you. Maybe you give them a nod as you file to your desk.

That afternoon at practice you find yourself in line behind this person waiting on your turn to complete a drill. As you wait you mention how much you hate that class and you get a smile and an agreement sent back your way.

Days turn to weeks and you only refer to him/her by their last name. Now in your shared class you crack little inside jokes that only team members will understand.

One day at practice your newfound acquaintance invites you over for a season kickoff cookout. You nervously attend and by the time you go home, you feel like you have known the family for years.

The first game of the season approaches and in the locker room before the game the coach tells you to look around and look at the players in the room. He tells you that is who you are playing for and strongly encourages you to not let each other down. You make eye contact with your now friend and give a nod of assurance.

The season progresses, filled with highs and lows. You find yourself cheering for and celebrating with this person who just a few weeks ago was background noise in your life. That same person now believes in your ability to do your part for the greater good of the team and reminds you of your potential when you doubt yourself.

In a blink of an eye the schedule is fulfilled and the season -ending banquet is held. You find yourself seeking out the once stranger, now a teammate, so you can share one last meal and laugh together. 

A finger snap later it’s graduation day. You hug your teammates and say goodbye. Some will remain a part of your life and some you may never see again. 

As you grow older you will forget opponents and scores but when you think back on your days of competition your mind will flash memories of the kid who was once just a kid. You will ponder on the times he encouraged you and the times he busted your chops for not giving it your all.

To the 2018 HHS football team and the 2019 baseball squad; No matter what lies ahead, Steven will always be your teammate. Nothing can take that away from you.

By Travis Dockery / Sports writer

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