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Pay attention lady, life is passing you by

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Let me preface the following column with this statement: I have no issue with snapping a picture or two to document an occasion. 

On Sunday, my wife and I took my son to Suntrust Park to watch the Atlanta Braves face the Miami Marlins as a belated birthday gift. It was the first Braves game for them and my first in the new ballpark so all of us were excited. 

Once we passed through the ticket gate, my son received a free Freddie Freeman jersey — his favorite player. All smiles we found our seats: three seats in the row, the last row in the section. Under the second deck, our seats were guarded from the sun and the breeze coming through the food court area was like a personal fan. 

As we scanned the field to appreciate the excellent view, I thought to myself, “You done good Trav.” My only worry was the row in front of us. 

With first pitch drawing closer, a family of four smiled at us as they settled in directly in front of us. The mom and dad had two sons, both of whom appeared to be under the age of four. 

This sight pleased me. I had avoided being behind the loudmouth, frat boy, drunks. How could this not be the perfect day. 

Just when I let my guard down, the mom reached into her bag and pulled out an item that would become a huge part of my day. She brought it to her eye and said, “Say cheese.” 

Now I understood why she would want to grab a picture. I had snapped a few phone photos myself and posted to social media so it was no biggie. 

It became an ordeal once the game started. All of a sudden the mom who was taking a couple of pictures for the memory book turned into a TMZ photographer trying to get the latest picture of Jennifer Anniston. 

I’m sure you think I should have just ignored her and focused on the game. That plan of attack was tried and quickly thwarted when the Nikon ninja started standing up to get 50 different pics from six different angles of her youngest consuming a hot dog. 

Then the photo fury spread. She then gave her other son her phone and showed him how to take pictures. Soon she was taking pictures of him while he took pictures of her and his little brother. 

During a Freeman homerun, she was showing him the different flash options and how to zoom in. 

I know people enjoy family time in different ways but to me when you take a kid to a game you should watch the game. 

The worst moment came when the boys were sitting side-by-side, watching the game and mom instructed them to look at her and smile. This photoshoot caused them to miss two defensive gems. 

So now those little boys will think a baseball game is where you go to get your picture taken. While photos are good, memories are better. Rarely does a good story begin with, “We were getting our picture taken at...” We all need to pay attention and enjoy the life happening around us while we take pictures. 

By Travis Dockery / Sports writer

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