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Jacket Nation expands to Uganda

One thing about baseball is the fan experience is not always measured by a win or loss. A day in the sun with a view of a freshly polished baseball diamond is always a win in my book. That win is even bigger if I am watching the Yellow Jackets play at home. I’ve always thought there was something special about the field and after Thursday’s game I realized it was not the field, but the people who stood on it.
Hayesville lost their game against Rabun Gap in non-dramatic fashion, but the evening’s events were far from over. Three Ugandan boys that my family had the pleasure of hosting attended the game. While Ronald, George and Ibrahim had no idea what was going on, they watched intently.
Once the game was over, head coach Jeff Vardo greeted the new fans with gifts of jerseys and caps. A smile came across my face as I saw the Yellow Jackets standing in a line, holding gloves and waiting to take the newest members of their fan club out on the field.
After everyone figured out which hand the glove went on, they flooded onto the field for a game of catch. It didn’t take long until my guests were catching and throwing like well-seasoned little leaguers. That’s when things escalated – quickly.

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