Punkin Chunkin 2019

(Lorrie Ross • Clay County Progress) Four year old Harley Mott had a great time rolling an inflatable pumpkin across the kids' area.
"Beanie" whose family came to the event from out of town, enjoys the hot roasted corn on a cold, rainy Saturday.
Pilot Vic Payne teaches a passenger the fine art of throwing T-shirts to the crowds.
Keith Christensen keeps festival-goers up to date on the chunkin competition.
VFW Auxiliary member Claudia Worley gets ready o serve up on of the group's ever-popular fried spiral potatoes.
Popularity of the yearly pie-eating contests held during Saturday and Sunday's Punkin Chunkin rivals that of the machines chunking pumpkins.
Members of the Hayesville Hurlers examine the cannon before the pumpkin launching.
Laura Conrad prepares funnel cakes as visitors wait in line to taste the sweet treat.
Miles Green, 1 year old from Blairsville, found an interesting spot at the entrance to the Punkin Chunkin.
Rocket performs a medley of country and classic rock on Sunday.
Tom Lyvers keeps the grilled hotdogs hot and ready during the festival.