Is our president mentally ill?


By: James Messmer


Egomania — narcissistic personality disorder — is an irrational love of self, an extreme need to glorify oneself before others. It’s a sign of immaturity that in an adult reflects inability to mature morally and emotionally. In extreme cases, suggesting serious mental illness, the person repeatedly invents alternative realities where they are never wrong, never accountable for their actions. They project their faults and failures onto any who criticise or correct them. Their alternative reality always glorifies them, and demonizes anything that might pop their bubble of unbroken praise. Sadly, the most obvious textbook example of pathological egomania I can think of is Donald Trump — president of these United States.

When Hillary beat Trump by 2.8 million popular votes, his ego couldn’t stand it, so Trump invented an alternative reality claiming millions of illegals voted Democrat in California. When photos suggested his inauguration crowds were significantly smaller than Obama’s, again Trump couldn’t stand it, so he sent Sean Spicer out before the press to pathetically distort the truth. At the 2018 United States/Russia Summit in Helsinki, Trump’s egomania once more forced him to deny the facts detailing sophisticated Russian interference in our 2016 election. Logically, if Russia helped Trump win, it would make Trump less invincible, so he created an alternative reality where Russia was somehow innocent, making his win appear unassisted. Recently there was that absurd sharpie circle around Alabama and the border wall announcement for Colorado. Crazy is as crazy does.

Trump has never stopped distorting reality to glorify himself, no matter what the cost to others. I believe it’s because he’s seriously mentally ill, as numerous White House insiders have suggested. He has now apparently bribed Ukraine, the former Soviet-block country undergoing military attack by Putin’s Russia, to force them to state the absurdity that Ukraine, not Russia, hacked the DNC and stole the infamous Clinton emails. Seems Trump was willing to withhold desperately needed military support, essential to defending Ukraine against what Ronald Reagan rightly called an evil empire, just so he could make the world believe he won the election single handedly. Apparently he was willing to risk Russia successfully recapturing Ukraine in Putin’s dream of rebuilding the Russian empire, just to satisfy his enormous ego. Are Ukranians dying while defending their country from Russian invasion irrelevant? An irrational United States President is apparently powerful enough to extort a crazy deal to satisfy his own insatiable ego, except that one, then two, then ten patriotic Americans cried foul before this drug deal could be consummated. An impeachment inquiry is now underway, yet Republican politicians are so afraid of Trump’s wrath, they have chosen to defend Trump’s distorted version of reality, rather than challenge him. They would rather support Russia’s innocence, than enrage Trump by publicly condemning this absurd conspiracy theory.

If a Mad Hatter is now our king — the Joker now mayor of Gotham City — and Republicans have abandoned their souls and our security for the sake of re-m  election. God help us.