Senior citizens among most affected by power rates


Ruth Newsome


This letter concerns the problems with Blue Ridge Mountain Electric. I have been corresponding with Lucille and Randy who are working hard through FAIR to try and get the electric company to see the reason for charging higher rates to low users is absurd and could cause injury or death. 

I had a situation last week where my gas heater went out on the coldest night of the season and although I have a portable electric heater I did not plug it in because I knew the cost would be astronomical. Luckily I have a good gas company and they came out in the morning and fixed the heater. However, many older people may be in this position and could freeze to death in some lonely cabin on the mountain.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable and as are young families with babies and little children. Apparently [Jeremy] Nelms has been uncooperative and adamant in his determination to charge people with less income more.