Trump destined to serve two terms


Submitted by: Fred Jackson


To all you Trump haters, never-Trumpers, Trump deniers and those who get nauseated at the mention of his name, be it known the election of Donald Trump was legitimate. It was not a fluke, not an accident and will not be overturned.

There are several reasons I make this statement. Can you imagine the state of this country if Hillary had won? Our economy in shambles, an impotent military, other nations taking advantage of us, borders wide open with hordes pouring in to receive free stuff, impossible taxes and on and on. The recent Jobs Report in November showed the United States gained 266,000 while Canada lost 71,000? Does this not tell you anything? 

The most profound reason Trump was elected has to do with the nation of Israel. Consider a few events that have occured over the past 150 years and how Israel came to be a sovereign nation. It goes back thousands of years but this short period from 1867 to the present is enough to make my point. In 1867 Mark Twain (Samuel Clements) made a trip to the area and wrote a book titled “The Innocents Abroad” describing how desolate and inhospitable it was. At the same time archaeologist Charles Warren arrived and discovered some areas of old Jerusalem. He also did some surveying of boundaries of what was supposed to have been the nation of Israel. Fast forward 50 years to 1917 and WWI when the United Kingdom and several other nations were involved in actions that resulted in the liberation of the land from the Ottomans and the Balfore Declaration established the nation of Israel. Space limits what I can write but after another 50 years World War II and other significant events such as President Harry Truman recognizing Israel as a nation while the rest of the world ­ — even much of the U.S. government — objected to such a move. He succeeded President Roosevelt who died just three months after his re-election. It was said Truman that “he had been born for such a time.” At the end of the 50 years, 1967, the six day war occurred when Israel miraculously defeated an overwhelming Arab army regaining Jerusalem and setting foot in the city for the first time in more than 2,000 years.

The next 50 eventful years comes to 2017. Every U.S. president had talked about recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel but none did until Donald Trump who not only did so but moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This would not have happened if Hillary had won. These 50 year periods are important as Jubilean years. Yes, this and so much more has to do with biblical prophecy and this thumbnail sketch hardly does it justice but may I urge you to obtain the current work of Jonathan Cahn, “The Oracle” or research the history for yourself and be amazed.

Whether you believe or not will never change truth and fact and I believe Trump will be re-elected to complete the work he is purposed to do. So get over it.