Your views: Aug. 20, 2020

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The post office is protected by U.S. Constitution

In my long life, I never dreamed that our democracy would be in danger because we have three branches of government to provide checks and balances and curb abuses of power. I thought if one branch went out of control the other two would be there to uphold our constitution. I no longer have that confidence.

The post office is crucial to protecting a sacred American right set forth in the constitution; free and fair elections. It is critical
that the postal service play a role in this and can deliver ballots in
a reliable and timely manner. As
it stands now, that is not going to

happen. The post master general, at the direction of the president, is destroying the postal service; removing post office boxes; firing staff and directing the remaining staff to slow mail delivery.

The president said on “Fox and Friends” this week that he does not want to fund the postal service to support an election conducted mostly by mail, which would ensure the health and safety of citi- zens in the midst of a pandemic. However, Congress controls ap- propriations for this fundamental service for the American people. Our representatives in Congress need to take responsibility for

funding the United States Postal Services and ensuring it exists to serve the American people. They need to reign in a president who only has his own interests at heart, not those of the citizens he was elected to represent.

Congress needs to act now, before the post office is totally decimated.

Funds need to be appropriated and the president needs to be reminded that he took an oath of office to uphold the constitution and serve the interests of all the citizens of these the United States.

Mary Zoller Lightner


Thank you for the comfort and support given

You may have checked on him at the hospital throughout the day

While outside the window, the family prayed.

Perhaps you sent a lovely card or sat quietly in a chair.

Perhaps you sent a floral spray, if so, we saw it there.

Perhaps you brought some food or said a little prayer.

Perhaps it was the text or call you made from nearby or afar.

Perhaps you spoke the kindest words that any friend would say.

Perhaps you were not there at all just thought of us that day.

Perhaps a monetary gift or eulogy you did give.

Perhaps you shared stories about the life our loved one lived.

Perhaps you planted a treeor sent Gideon Bibles in his memory.

Perhaps you gave encouragement as from the scripture you read showing us that with Jesus, there is nothing to dread.

Perhaps you provided music or raised your voice in song.

You may have been staff of the hospital or the funeral home.

You may have assisted by bearing the casket that day

or escorted the procession to the final resting place.

Whatever you did, Whatever the part –

We thank you so much with all of our heart.

Nancy Cody on behalf of the family of William L. “Bill” Cody


In response to recent letters to the opinion page

Soon to retire State Senator Jim Davis wrongly characterized the recent shake up at the TVA, in which Trump fired several of his own appointees.

Davis said the TVA was out- sourcing Information Technology jobs. Exactly like every other fed- eral agency, all TVA employees are U.S.-based citizens and all TVA IT jobs must be performed in the U.S.

Davis was also wrong about the salaries of the fired TVA execs. The two directors each earned less than $60,000 a year and the chief executive earned $920,000 a year including relocation and pension benefits — not the $8 million Da- vis claimed.

What really happened? In 2019 the TVA board decided to close two aging and money losing coal- fired plants, something that Trump has fumed about ever since. So this is his revenge, with the added benefit of being able to show how ‘tough’ he is on foreigners.

An Aug. 6 letter should have been titled “Here’s what I don’t know about the COVID-19 virus” and it ought to have prompted a response from the health depart- ment.

Case mortality rates have been going down, but that is because doctors have learned how to treat patients more effectively so we can keep more of them from dying. The new-case count is going up and because the positivity rate is also increasing, we know that this is not due to increased testing. Finally, it should be very strongly emphasized that children can — and do — contract the virus. They can die. Parents, take COVID-19 seriously.

Thousands of emergency room doctors have not used hydroxy- chloroquine to cure their patients. Why? It. Doesn’t. Work. A poorly designed ‘study’ suggested that

it might but subsequent double- blinded trials showed no benefit

and that the drug even had the potential to hurt patients.

Dr. Stella Immanuel, though, insists that it cures COVID-19. Just as accurately, she maintains that gynecological problems are caused by people having sex with demons in their dreams, that alien DNA
is currently used in conventional medical treatments and that wear- ing face-masks and social distanc- ing are unnecessary. Oh and that reptilian spirits and aliens control the United States government. It’s all very “con-vincing.”

Finally, the July 30 letter that asked “Does any of what Krush- chev said sound familiar?” to which the correct answer is no. Why? Krushchev did not say any of those things. This was a story concocted by some fringe politicos, but it was completely debunked more than 50 years ago.

Information — it’s out there.

Stone Altman, RN, BSN


Doctors who treat COVID-19 patients say HCQ works

As a director of Accuracy in Media for nearly a quar- ter of a century, I am very aware of how some people try to discredit information given by another (me in this case) by inferring that I wrote something that I did not. In an editorial last week titled “The real status of COVID-19 research with things that show promise,” the writer opined, “Hy- droxychloroquine doesn’t work for either mild or severe cases, according to some sources but others disagree.”

What I wrote concern- ing HCQ was, “According

to thousands of emergency room doctors, Hydroxy- chloroquine with zinc and/ or Aziththromycin have cured people with symp- toms.” I should have added that bureaucrats at the Cen- ter for Disease Control who have never treated patients with HCQ and are beholden to big pharma, disagree.

It is true that HCQ, by itself is not effective, since its purpose is to facilitate zinc’s ability to penetrate and destroy the COVID-19 virus.

The writer last week
left out mentioning zinc. Perhaps he was just repeat-

ing what he has seen in
the dominant media. For example, there was a widely reported research paper concluding that HCQ did not work published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. It was not widely reported that the research paper had to be retracted because of the unethical biased way the research was done.

Also, the writer is mute on Google, Facebook and YouTube taking down — censoring — virtually all medical doctors and their research which has con- cluded that HCQ with zinc

has had the best success. Doctors have been fired when they have said the same. Why?

Last week’s writer listed research that shows prom- ise being done by pharma- ceutical companies that our government is giving billions of dollars to find a successful vaccine. He did not mention that none of these companies have ever been successful in develop- ing a proven vaccine for COVID viruses. Nor did he mention that a 2005 study concluded, “Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells.”

Why the almost blanket censorship of HCQ and zinc? Easy, HCQ has been used for a variety of ailments for more than 60 years without ill effects and is not patent protected and therefore cheap to administer. Big pharma companies would never have gotten all this money from the government if a simple low cost cure was implemented and successful. Big Pharma advertising is one of the largest revenue sources for the major media companies and gives more money to politicians in Washington through its lobbyists than just about any industry. Once again, bureaucrats and politicians are looking after themselves rather than the people they represent.

Also many want to get President Trump out of office, especially after he recently enacted measures that would allow competition to reduce the price of medications to consumers produced by big pharma and of course reduce big pharma’s profits, advertising and contributions to politicians.

James F. Davis