Your views: July 23, 2020

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A+ for President Trump’s COVID-19 response


Contrary to all media reports about how President Trump is killing Americans by the tens of thousands, America is actually doing a better job than major European nations and Canada: The COVID-19 case fatality rate of the United States is half that of Canada and two and a half times less than the EU.

Back in December the Chinese knew they had a problem in Wuhan. They suspended all travel in and out of that area to the rest of China, but not to other countries. Thousands of infected passengers flew to all parts of the world. By January Trump recognized a serious problem and so he suspended travel from China. He was immediately called a zenophobe and a racist by the liberals. Turns out he made the right call and prevented thousands of Americans from getting infected.

Initially protective gear was in very short supply as previous administrations had let stockpiles expire without replenishment. The President, engaging the might of American businesses, got companies to re-tool and produce millions of needed PPE. He also directed two hospital ships to infectious hot spots and had the Corps of Army Engineers build a 2000 bed hospital in New York.

He also enlisted pharmaceutical companies to produce more testing capabilities. This effort was highly successful as the United States has now done more tests than any other country. Unfortunately in the Northeast, especially New York and New Jersey, there were high death rates because Democrat governors Cuomo and Murphy brilliantly put sick people in nursing homes — the ones with the most vulnerable people in them.

The media loves to bash Trump and the liberals lap up every faux crumb. A blatant example is when the president touted a new and promising disinfectant treatment and was immediately ridiculed by taking his entire quote out of context. The treatment that Trump was talking about is very real. Trump never told people to drink bleach nor did he urge people to inject Lysol into their lungs as Nancy Pelosi proclaimed. What the president was talking about was a discovery by scientists at Cedar-Sinai. It is called the “Healight Injectable Disinfectant” and has been licensed by AYTU BioScience as a treatment for coronavirus and other respiratory infections. The light is introduced through an intubation tube directly into the patient’s lungs.

Early on the resident also suggested that hydroxychloroquine might be an effective treatment. Again the media pounced saying that drug is unproven — even though it’s been in use for over 50 years and approved safe by the CDC for pregnant women and for children. In the last few months over 60 trials world-wide have shown HCQ to significantly reduce COVID-19 symptoms and mortality rates.

The president has been very effective in managing the invisible enemy. He continues to be four moves ahead in 3D chess while his opponents think they are playing checkers.

Mike Skahan


Enough is enough

First of all, I am not racist at all but enough is enough. I love everyone but this has to stop. Does someone study all the time and anything to do with confederacy try and have it removed. Bad cops need to be dealt with. All racism has to stop. White people are now being discriminated against. We have a Black Entertainment Television channel, why not have a White Entertainment Channel? We have BET awards, Black History Month, why not have White History Month? Why deal with only the confederacy? 

Among others, George Washington owned slaves so that must be racist, take him off the dollar bill and quarter. What about his monument? Remove it because he must have been racist. Where does it stop? My wife showed me a post on Facebook that they want the name of the Tarheels changed, saying it was racist. Well I believe that the devil symbol is racist and offends me. I go to church at First Free Will and believe in God. So remove anything associated with the devil like Swain County maroon devils, Duke blue devils, etc. because I am offended. 

Signs everywhere say “black lives matter” and they do but so do white lives, Native Americans, etc. Everyone matters. So to hold protests saying only black lives matter is racist against every other race. We are all Americans and no matter how hard we try, you can’t change history. Stop all the protests and lets live together in peace. When you start messing with the one Tarheels I am upset. Saying Tarheels had something with the Confederacy, we can’t change what happened from 1861-1865 so let it go. Just stating the truth, we are the Tarheel state. Leave UNC alone. If the south is so bad then move.

Ronnie Foster


It’s time for Democrats to accept their loss and move on

In last week’s Progress, two individuals from our community chose once again to point out President Trump is one step below Satan. In the past they have pointed to any mistakes he has made over the past three years and explained in great detail how bad he is. Has he made mistakes, yes he has. But if President Trump is so bad, what was Obama?

I’ll have to check with back issues of the Progress to see their thoughts on the Fast and Furious program my his AG, or the promise that you can keep your doctor and it’s an affordable health care plan, or the world apology tour his first year in office, maybe they had concerns he won the Nobel Peace Prize with less than a year in office, for doing what? I may have missed their concern when the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism was given $150,000,000 — I guess they believe it went to help the citizens of Iran.

During Obama’s eight years in office there were several times I could have written a letter to the editor about my concerns for the things he said and did. I learned many years ago, if it serves no useful purpose, do not do it. In the military, you are taught while you are to respect the person’s rank, you do not necessarily have to respect the person. Obama was my president, like it or not. So I respected the office, not the person. Again, has Trump done and said everything right? No way. The last man who did everything right died almost 2,000 years ago.

Every letter to the editor I’ve read from the individuals is the same thing — just a different topic. One of the individuals I know personally and I believe he is a good person — the other I have no idea who he is, nor do I care. However, having said that, why would you write something that damns Trump in a community where I see many more signs supporting Trump’s reelection than I see supporting the latest failure from the other party.

I support their ability to exercise their First Amendment right, that is what I spent over 25 years of my life ensuring.

So get over yourselves, your party lost. Somebody always wins or loses, we did in 2008 and 2012, yours was in 2016 and I hope and pray it is again in 2020.

Have a great day.

David Junghans


Punkin Chunkin canceled due to virus outbreak

The Punkin Chunkin for 2020 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The Clay County Chamber Board decided it would be best if we canceled the event. With all the 15,000 spectators and 10 machines coming from 27 different states it does not seem responsible to hold the Punkin Chunkin event this year. If we can save just a few people from contracting this virus then it will be well worth the sacrifice.

Oct. 16 and 17 of 2021 will be a spectacular event, even bigger and better than before.

Pamela Roman

Executive Director

Clay County Chamber of Commerce