Your Views: Sept. 17, 2020


Family expresses gratitude after recent loss

The Cearley family would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of our family and friends who have offered kindness, support and messages of sympathy in our recent loss. We send our gratitude to everyone who sent flowers, brought food and donated Bibles in memory of our loved one. Thank you to Regency Hospice and Pastor Chris Rumfelt for all you did to help make her last days more comfortable. All the many acts of kindness and sympathy continue to be a great comfort to us in our time of sorrow.

The family of Jean Cearley


In our world, there is much to pray about

I’m glad Marilee Powell is a praying person. I’m glad she lives in a county where she has the freedom to have a prayer printed openly. Maybe she also prays for: • The people who have overseen the abortions of babies in this country. Maybe she prays for the mothers who have carried those babies; for legislators who voted to make that procedure a law.

• Criminals who resist arrest; for vandals who break into small businesses and steal, destroying the very livelihood of the owners.

• The families of policemen who die protecting us and our American rights.

• For rebellious, ungrateful young people who are being destructive and disruptive.

• For leaders who God places in authority.

• People whose objective is to destroy the concept of marriage between a man and a woman, thus biblically-based families and marriages.

• People who burn and disgrace our flag; the families of those who have died or been permanently disabled defending that flag.

• Liars in all forms of media.

• Families of children who have been murdered for no reason during the so-called “peaceful riots.”

Powell has reason to pray without ceasing, I Thessalonians, and so do the rest of us.

Austella Miller


We can do something about climate change

Our climate is changing more and more. Death Valley recorded a temperature of 130 degrees this summer, its highest temperature ever and possibly the hottest day in world history. The “five hundred year” rainfall event has occurred five times in Houston in the past five years. East Africa has suffered the loss of its crops to a plague of biblical proportions of desert locust. Hurricanes have done $335 billion in damage the last three years.

Hurricanes caused $38.2 billion, adjusted for inflation, over the entire decade of the 1980s. The cause of these extreme events and increasing societal costs is likely the result of humankind emitting 2.6 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per second. Professor David Shindell, professor of Earth Sciences at Duke University testified to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform that over the next 50 years, if we can keep the earth’s temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees Celsius would produce over $700 billion per year in health benefits and increased labor productivity, a figure that is far less than the cost of transition to renewable energy.

There are many similar reports that indicate for every dollar spent to combat climate change will result in $2 to $4 in benefits. Public opinion polls are showing that more and more Americans believe we must act on climate change. One of the first and most effective acts is to place a fee on carbon, which is the main cause of climate change. Please let our representatives know that there is a bipartisan bill in Congress that can put us on the track to reducing climate change.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Bill, HR 76, employs a free market approach that will decrease greenhouse gases by 90 percent by 2050, add millions of new American jobs, put more real spendable income into the average American’s pocket, and not cost our government one penny, unlike many other plans being proposed. We can do small, but significant things if we all do them — reduce our electric power needs by raising our thermostats a bit higher in the summer and lower in the winter, consolidate our errands when we make shopping trips, and lower our speeds on the highway in order to use less gas. If we all take steps to reduce our use of carbon-based energy, we can make a significant impact in our aggregate use of energy.

Gilbert Nicolson


At least we know what we’re getting with Trump

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a number of negative letters concerning President Trump. That is a person’s right to submit their opinion. What I did not see, though, were any positive comments about the opposing candidate and his running mate, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. With all the negativity against Trump, I wondered why there wasn’t any positivity towards Biden/Harris.

There is no doubt that Trump is a controversial president. He has done things I approve and disapprove of. He has a different manner about himself than what we have become accustomed to but, to be honest, he has dealt with a blitzkrieg of media assault that no previous president has ever experienced. As for Biden, controversial in his own right, there appears to be concerns over his mental competency. Because of the various comments I have heard, I researched on my own. What I found was concerning enough to make me wonder why Biden was chosen as the Democratic Party’s candidate.

Then to make matters even more interesting, rumors abound that if elected, Biden will not make it through the four years of his presidency. He will either resign or be removed so that Harris can fulfill the remaining years of his term. Hmmm, Kamala Harris as president? That was even more concerning. I watched the hearings for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. When Harris asked her questions, I was appalled at her manner of questioning. There was no respect or even due consideration of Kavanaugh’s person or the position to which he was being confirmed. Her attack was vicious and was truly an attempt at character assassination. It made me wonder if she treated a federal judge in such an insolent manner, how would she treat ordinary American citizens? The memory of her behavior makes me really wonder why she was chosen to be the Democratic VP candidate.

I am registered in Clay County as an unaffiliated voter. To that extent, I watched most of both parties’ presidential conventions, enough of each to get an understanding of which direction each party would like our country to go. There were interesting contrasts between the two conventions and widely divergent aims of both parties. In essence, I know what I would have with Trump, but I do not know what I would have with Biden/Harris. My question to those who write the negative letters about Trump, why should I, as an unaffiliated voter, consider casting my ballot for the Biden/Harris ticket?

Sincerely submitted, Kathy Waters


Some trust doctors treating patients, others trust politicians

The UN recently admitted that, after spending $16 billion for a Gates funded vaccine, it is causing the spread of polio in Africa (A.P.,Sept. 2-20). Many researchers have expressed deep concern about altering DNA/RNA for vaccines since unintended deleterious consequences can and have occurred, including death (https:// articles/archive/2020/09/12/ coronavirus-vaccine-transhumanism.aspxc?cid_ medium=etaf&cid=share). In early January my wife had a severe respiratory flu, COVID-19(?). Her doctor gave her methylprednisolone. just finished a four-month study which concluded methypresdnisone worked best for respiratory/COVID/flu, something her doctor already knew in January.

Last week Mike Gora summarized his responses to my letters to the editor. Essentially, Gora trusts government bureaucrats who have got it wrong or lied repeatedly. He doesn’t believe the thousands of emergency room doctors actually treating patients using hydroxychloroquine with zinc and/or azithromyocin (HCQ) to cure people with COVID. Gora ignores Google, You Tube and Facebook removing doctor videos/articles who report HCQ successes. Why? The WHO, CDC and media parrot pharmaceutical companies that a vaccine in the only answer, even though there has been no proven successful vaccine for COVID viruses. Gora’s response was to list many drugs/ vaccines being tested that “show promise.”

My second letter gave evidence of how ‘politicized’ scientific research has become. Two supposed impeccable medical research publications, Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, had articles concluding that HCQ does not work retracted for unethical bias, one of Gora’s sources. Gora’s response was to suggest you should not trust me because of my political affiliation, but rather you should believe the discredited NEJM article and a select summary of 21 studies compiled by Duke. My third letter pointed out that Duke’s studies came from organizations “which depend on funding from the government and pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose billions if HCQ were allowed to wipe out COVID-19,” since there would be no need for another Gates funded vaccine.

Mike responded that I did not “provide a single link” supporting my claim. I had mentioned Dr. Simone Gold, was fired after organizing a conference of doctors from all over the nation documenting HCQ’s effectiveness, a portion can be found at video/ukmtlokiGHRr/, but the complete press conference of the doctors who spoke was quickly taken down within hours by Google, You Tube, Facebook, ( tech/2020/07/27/facebookcensors-viral-video-of-doctorscapitol-hill-coronavirus-pressconference/). Gora also ignored the 2005 study at the CDC that “shows Chloroquine is effective in treating SARS-COV(ID).” Another source is Dr. Chris Martensen ( p1uUOT-nvg). He discussed a just published paper by doctors who researched all studies concerning HCQ found at Google, Google Scholar, PubMed, Cochrane and Em Base. Their conclusion, HCQ works and is safe.

Lastly, the recent CDC’s report stated, “For 6 percent of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only one mentioned.” The other 94 percent had an average of 2.4 other life-threatening diseases that could have caused the death. That means that less than 11,000 appear to have died from only COVID-19, much less than the average seasonal flu of 12,000 to 61,000 ( burden/past-seasons.html). The politicized corrupt CDC con to wreck the economy worked, all to defeat Trump.

James F. Davis


Strange times but keep calm, President Trump is really a genius

Our president is a genius. Since I am not a genius, I figure if he said it, and he’s rich and has lots of followers, and if Fox says it, and they’re rich and have lots of followers, it must be true. But I’m just an average American who believes in our Judaeo-Christianfounding fathers-derived values of not bearing false witness, straight-shooting, and in truth, justice and the American way. So I’m having difficulty understanding the genius way.

For example, the president told a reporter, on the record and on tape, back this past winter, that he knew the coronavirus was major dangerous. Meanwhile, he was telling the rest of us it was a hoax, the flu and about to disappear. When the reporter got around to publishing that the president said the virus isn’t a hoax, is far worse than the flu and likely to be around a while, the president said the president had not lied. I figure there’s some genius way that makes purposely telling a falsehood not a lie.

Since I’m a non-genius average American, I can’t understand why a president who told us, repeatedly, that the press is the enemy of the people and the press publishes fake news in that radical leftistClinton-pedophile-Satanist-pizza loving-Democrats-anti-president conspiracy, why that president would give 18 on the record and often tape recorded interviews to a reporter with a newspaper the president says leads the conspiracy.

As an average American, I wonder at the genius in giving your enemy more ammo. Seems like self-sabotage, especially since the president called the reporter, in that special genius language, “a whack job” because it was up to the reporter, not the president, to tell us what the president knew and when he knew it but since the reporter waited so long it must be OK that the president didn’t tell us. To a genius that must be clear. Right? I also don’t get the genius part about preventing panic by playing down the virus while waiting for the reporter to spill the beans that the president knew the virus is deadly and that under his leadership we haven’t done all we could to save American lives.

As an average American that’s got me pretty ready to panic now, since my grandchildren live where the virus is rampant and the non-climate-change-caused historic wildfire fallout has created the world’s worst air pollution and since we now know the vast majority of American scientists, doctors, PhDs, world-leading university research centers, national CDC, 50 state health departments and 3,007 county health departments have been right all along. I also miss the genius in the president having only two choices — tell us falsehoods or run screaming, “We’re all gonna’ die!” It seems there ‘d be other options, like trusting us, leading us calmly and confidently to overcome this crises together as we have so often in the past. But then, I’m a non-genius, average American — who, no matter what — votes.

Richard Brownkatz


Earn funding restoring the beauty to God’s creation through Cash-4-Trash

In the past few days, local businesses in Cherokee and Clay County pledged their support to the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition, business funded, “Cash-4- Trash Program” by donating $3,100. These businesses donated their funding for many reasons and one of them being the recurring solicitations for funding by individuals, groups and clubs who expect them to just provide the funding to “The Entitlement Culture” without any contribution in return for their request.

The “entitlement culture” is not looked upon favorably by many businesses who have worked hard to profitably sustain their businesses. Businesses are being very selective of who gets their hard-earned cash. One of the greatest gifts a business and the parents of our youth could offer to our youth is the ability to learn how to earn their funding and preparing them for their future as productive employees or business owners. Representing the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition, I encourage businesses to have those who are requesting funding to contact the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition so that they may find out how they can earn, key word “earn,” their funding by filling 10, 33-gallon bags with litter and receiving $100 for their efforts.

Anyone wishing to earn their funding will have a leg-up on those just asking for and expecting their funding to be just given. Make no mistake, the “entitlement culture” exists because some parents have dropped the ball on raising responsible, well-disciplined children. To the youth who know how to earn their funding or satisfy their spending needs by hard work, you are an asset to our country and community. There are plenty of safe places to pick up litter and if you need some suggestions, please ask but the ultimate choice and responsibility for choosing the location will be yours.. The following businesses recently invested their hard-earned cash to fund $3,100 towards the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition “Cash-4-Trash Program.”

This funding will be added to our prior funding and will be made available to our future “Cash-4-Trash Program” efforts. Randy, Marilyn & Holly Veroline – Pro Motion Rehab, Murphy; Kerry and Greta Collins – US Veterans Thrift Store; Corky and Kathy Vetten – Exit Realty, Murphy; Earl and Greg Bradshaw - Interstate Welding & Steel Supply, Murphy; Pam Roman - Clay County Chamber of Commerce, Hayesville; David Burrell (Marine veteran), Murphy ($50); Steven Aft - Steven Aft State Farm, Murphy; Jim Miller - Jim Miller State Farm, Murphy; Charles W. McHan Jr. – Attorney at Law, Murphy; Lee & Carol Barbour – Coldwell Banker High Country Realty, Murphy; Trampas & Amy Crisp – Crisp Asphalt Paving, Murphy; Randy Dockery – Remax Mountain Properties, Murphy; Wayne Holland - Waynes Feed Store, Murphy; Lurree Pavis – Homestar, Murphy; Deni Graves - Marketplace Antiques, Murphy ($50); Debbie Jackson – Vista Realty, Murphy; Joey & Sonya Reid – Appalachian Land Co., Murphy; Chelsea Rodriguez Attorney at Law – Vista Realty, Murphy; Lisa Dodd & Robin Hardin – Skyview Energy, Murphy; Jamie Farley & Rod Brown – Farley Insurance, Murphy; Mary Wiegold - Highway 69 Storage, Hayesville; Joan Posey-Newmann - Carolina Mountain Homes, Murphy; Chris Dickey - Cherokee Well Drilling, Murphy; Smoky Mountain foot Clinic, Murphy; Ronney Craig - Andrews Lions Club, Andrews; Johnny and Shawn Chastain – Wells Tire, Murphy; Scott and Pam Harris - Mountain Auto, Murphy; Mike Gilliam – Mike Gilliam Insurance, Murphy; Kim Johnson – First Citizens Bank, Murphy; Tim Radford – WKRK, Murphy; and Bonnie DuPree – The DuPree Real Estate Group, Murphy. Funding and donations prior to the most recent donations. Pro Motion Rehab – Murphy; Scott Rumler / Andrews VFW Post 7620; Julie’s Place – Murphy; Gary and Karen Chamberlain; Mayor Harry Baughn & Hayesville Town Council; Downtown Pizza Co. (Product); Bojangles’ – Murphy (Products); Lowes Home Improvement – Murphy (Products); and Digital Creations USA (design contribution).

Businesses, if you know someone wishing to earn their funding, please send them our way. We have paid-out $2,400 in 2020 to those who were willing to be part of the solution to reduce litter. If you have any questions about how to contribute or participate in the “Cash4-Trash Program” contact us if you would like to help restore the true beauty to God’s Creation.

Gary ChamberlainSpokesman, North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition Home of the “Cash-4- Trash Program” P.O. Box 98, Murphy, N.C. 28906 FolksvilleUSA@gmail. com (928) 202-1186 (AZ cell)