Your Views: Sept.3, 2020

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Puppy Patch Thrift store will be missed


Countless domestic animals end up in shelters every year. Through no fault of their own. Some people acquire pets, provide no training and don’t spay or neuter their pets. Some owners move, become older and cannot care for their pets or have situations that cause cats and dogs to become homeless.

Our community was blessed to have the Puppy Patch Thrift Store. It provided funds to many rescue groups and individuals. Helping with food, medicine, operations, finding foster homes and in some cases leading to permanent adoption.

Jack and JoAnne Weast operated the Puppy Patch for years with a handful of talented and dedicated volunteers. Everyone’s heart was into helping cats and dogs. Many faithful customers donated and shopped to help the cause. This store will be missed. It closed its doors with a team of volunteers working hard up until the end. Those of us who know the Weasts’ appreciate all the hard work they put into the Puppy Patch. We will miss them and our community will feel the void, as well as the cats and dogs they have helped.

Spay and neuter your pets and adopt from shelters or rescue groups.

Thank you, Debbie Graham


Sharing the ‘Prayer to the Blessed Virgin’

O Most Beautiful flower or Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Spendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity, O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein your are my Mother.

O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity.

There are none that can withstand your power, O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Holy Mary, I place this cause in your hands.

Fred Sickel


Respect our neighbors, don’t vandalize signs

As we observe Labor Day, I am reminded that labor built this country and big business exploited it. We have certainly seen who is essential in this country to make it work, which enables the rest of the people to make their contributions. I appreciate every citizen’s contribution as we struggle on this pandemic road.

As we enter the last phase before election in November, I’m hoping we can respect each other and each other’s property. There have been a couple of occasions of election sign damage and theft. We can be bigger than these petty incidents. We can respect the rights of our neighbors, as we hope they will respect ours. This election, let’s set a new standard of citizenship: No political signs vandalize in any way.

Barbara Lanwermeyer Chair, Clay County Democratic Party


COVID-19 and the politicization of science

Thousands of doctors actually treating COVID-19 patients say that Hydroxychloroquine/ zinc/azithromyocin works, as do my personal doctors. Mike Gora wrote it doesn’t work and cites research from organizations like Duke, which depends on funding from the government and pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose profits if HCQ/Z/AZ wipes out COVID-19. Many doctors and researchers acquiesce to CDC and Big Pharma’ agenda or they find their grant money disappearing or careers destroyed, like Dr. Simone Gold, who was fired after giving information about HCQ that undercuts the agendas of the Democrat/socialist/globalist media, TV, print, Google, You Tube, etc. The lefts desire to defeat Trump is more important to them than saving lives.

Last week Gora insinuated that I am not qualified to discuss HCQ/Z/AZ because I was a director of Accuracy of Media “a well known conservative news media watchdog rated by: as on the extreme right.” AIM has a 50-year history of reporting inaccuracies across the political spectrum. Gora opines that an organization labeled “extreme right” by an extreme left one should not be trusted. Even Wikipedia, founded and run by Marxists, says Gora’s fact check source is “an amateur effort.”

Gora used typical Democrat/ globalist/socialist/Communist methods to try to discredit someone who could undermine their agenda. Discredit the writer and/or organization, rather than address the facts presented. For example, Gora dismissed AIM as “anti-science, denying man-made contributions to global warming.” An unbiased researcher would have read AIM’s global warming source, atmospheric physicist, Dr. S. Fred Singer, the first director of meteorological satellite services for the National Weather Satellite Center, rather than quote leftists pundits.

If you want to know what anyone has said on a particular issue, for example, Biden or Trump, watch an unedited video of them, rather than what others report. That is the intellectually honest way to find the truth.

Another current example is that rioters are routinely referred to as “peaceful protesters” in the leftist media despite hundreds
of videos posted on the internet, many quickly removed, showing self proclaimed Marxist BLM and ANTIFA rioters randomly beating up people, looting and destroying our cities.

A bigger example: Because of the leftist media propaganda, many people still believe that
the Russians colluded to help Trump win the presidency in 2016 because the media and Obama’s former heads of the CIA and FBI, continue to lie about it on TV, despite, when they were under oath and subject to criminal prosecu- tion, they admitted they found no evidence of collusion. People who are not intellectually honest in their research will continue to be what the left calls “useful idiots.”

Alleged “experts,” like Dr. Fauci, first advised President Trump that COVID-19 was not contagious, nor a serious threat, masks were useless and HCQ/Z/AZ dangerous. Later, he said the opposite. Further, the CDC has previous re- search on SARS — a COVID virus — that indicated beneficial effects of HCQ/Z/AZ, before politics intervened. How can anybody trust this deep state lying bureaucrat? Science has been very politicized.

James F. Davis


Affordable healthcare for individuals and families due to COVID-19

The Affordable Care Act health insurance is here to help with individuals and families who have had an income change, been furloughed from work, reduced hours or loss of job and health in- surance in the time of COVID-19. The Marketplace has open enroll- ment now and you don’t have to wait for an official time to apply. Get health insurance through the Marketplace of the ACA. Coverage start dates with aSpecial Enrollment Period due to loss in coverage:

• If you’ve already lost coverage, your Marketplace coverage can start the first of the month after you apply and enroll.

• If you know you’ll lose cover- age within the next 60 days, you can submit an application on: before you actually lose your coverage to help make sure there’s no gap in coverage. For example, if you know you’ll lose coverage on April 30 and apply and enroll in a Marketplace plan April 10, your new coverage will start May 1.

Linda Curtis is a certified application counselor for the ACA Marketplace. She is paid by Mt. Projects an area non profit so your inquiry and application is free.

Hours: Monday through Thursday either Clay or Cherokee County; call (828) 400-3149. She returns all calls. She can
tell you if you qualify and your Premium Tax Credit Subsidy so you will know your out of pocket cost. Ninety-five percent of of applicants from these counties received a significant subsidy.

The North Carolina legislature has not expanded medicaid so some working poor still won’t qualify but Curtis can direct you with help re: Cobra, children health services etc. check out

Judith Wikstrom, FNP, retired


Love thy neighbor, but disagree wholeheartedly with his political views

In last week's Progress my neighbor once again pointed out another area in which the president failed. He said he was outraged when Trump canceled the Medical Deferred Action Program.

However, the MDAP was not canceled, the administration of the program was transferred to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. In their August 2019 statement pertaining to the move ICE said, “As with any request for deferred action, ICE reviews each case on its own merits and exer- cised appropriate discretion after reviewing all the facts involved.”

The program, which was not a large program to start with, only allowed people to remain in the United States for two years, not indefinitely, if they could prove extreme medical need.

The USCIS, in a statement issued in August of 2019, said that the reallocation of resources does not affect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or other deferred action requests processed at the USCIS service centers.

While the exact number is unknown, some of the individuals making the request to enter the MDAP program or were already in the program, were in the United States illegally. Which is one of the reasons why the program was transferred to ICE.

Now having said all that, in September of 2019, a month after the transfer was ordered, the administration announced it was backtracking on its decision to deport persons currently receiving the deferments for those who were receiving life-saving treatment in the United States. He must have missed that.

He also chose to speak on behalf of Jesus when he said he believed Jesus would have said, “if you are in me, how is it you don’t know they are your children too?” I won’t speculate on what Jesus would say or what he wouldn’t say about pretty much anything, it’s way above my pay grade, I’ll leave

that to those who study the bible. In his last paragraph he was concerned about surrendering

compassion or a corrupt de- mocracy to unfairly hold power, instead of earning it.

Perhaps he was out of the United States from 2009 to 2016 during the previous administration. I really don’t have to go into, as I did in my last letter to the editor, about the abuse of power during the Obama administration. I will point out one thing, the child pictured in the cage, was during the Obama administration, not Trump’s.

Also, I’m guessing, while I may be wrong, he’s referring to the 3,000,000 more votes that Clinton received in 2016. Which echoed the concerns of the Democratic Party. I understand why they would like to do away with the Electoral College and have the West Coast and several New England states decide our National election. Having a dozen states deciding who wins or loses an election, rather than all 50 states and territories. I guess that makes more sense to them than having everybody involved in a National election.

Having said all of the above, I’ll wait for the next installment of why Trump is, now, two steps below Satan.

David Junghans